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Breaking Grass Releases New Single "Raining in Virginia" to Radio

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Breaking GrassWillis, VA -- Mississippi's Breaking Grass released their first single, "Raining in Virginia," to radio. The single is from their upcoming Mountain Fever album, scheduled to be released this summer. It was written by guitarist Cody Farrar. This will be the third album from the band in three years.

Scene Now-North Mississippi Daily Journal said, "Breaking Grass has found a sweet spot in its sound, heavy on bluegrass with just the right amount of country. This album proves Breaking Grass is worthy of its title, and the band has a bright future."

"Everywhere I look now days I see new artists, bands and singers. Though many are good with many levels of talent, I haven't seen or heard any that can compare to the originality that Breaking Grass offers with the good songs they write and the way they sing them. This is certainly going to be a band to watch and I'm sure they will begin climbing the ranks of Bluegrass once fans see and hear what I do with this wonderful band."
Jamie Dailey - Dailey & Vincent

With their fresh sound, original material, strong vocals and innovative musicianship, Breaking Grass is doing exactly what their name implies. Although not quite traditional, the music they present is without a doubt steeped in the timeless genre they grew up listening to. Comprised of Cody Farrar on guitar; Tyler White on fiddle; Thelton Vanderford on banjo; Zach Wooten on mandolin; and Britt Sheffield on bass; this relatively new band formed with one goal in mind - to make music that all ages could enjoy.

"Since their first recording in 2011, I've been a fan of this band," says Mountain Fever founder Mark Hodges. "They can play, they can sing and they have great stage presence. With ages ranging from 17 to 56, they display an amazing professionalism on the stage and in the studio. I can't wait for the world to hear this new record. It's more SteelDrivers and StringDusters than it is Lester and Earl.... they have their own easily recognizable sound and we're looking to a long future with these guys."

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