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Charlie Sizemore Health Concerns Continue

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Charlie SizemoreOne of our favorite bluegrass artists, Charlie Sizemore, is still experiencing health issues that began last year. Mid 2013, Charlie cancelled all of his scheduled performances. Bluegrass duo Feller & Hill graciously will be filling his performance slots. Charlie remains quite ill as we approach mid 2014 - nearly a year since he announced his health concerns.

In addition to being one of bluegrass music’s most distinctive and expressive vocal stylists, Charlie Sizemore is also recognized as being one of its most literate and thoughtful songwriters, with impeccable taste in choosing lesser-known, under-appreciated, well-written tunes by other writers. Based in Nashville, where he runs a successful law practice, Sizemore has moved a long way from his roots in eastern Kentucky, on Puncheon Creek, in the state’s quintessentially Appalachian county, Magoffin. In other ways, however, he is as deeply close as ever, as connected to the sources of his musical inspiration as when he joined Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys at age seventeen, replacing the late Keith Whitley, for the next nine and a half years.

Sizemore holds dual careers –running a successful law practice in Kentucky and continuing his music career as one of the most respected vocalist in bluegrass music. His music career began at the age of 16 when he replaced Keith Whitley in Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys.

Many of his fans are continuing to pray and send hopeful thoughts for Charlie. The artist is keeping details of his condition private but it is no secret that he is ill and has been for many months.

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