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Why I Don't Turn On the Radio Anymore

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No PC RadioThis so-called "Modern Sensitivity," "Political Correctness," or, more accurately, Censorship is one of the reasons I never turn on a radio anymore. I haven't for years. My family also got rid of TV and its propaganda, high-volume ads and junk programming about ten years ago. I politely listen to the music I want to hear from my own collection of music. Thare are No commercials and No politically correct modern sensitivity censorship in my music. I am free to listen to any music I desire and, I do so in absolute freedom. From "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette" by Commander Cody & His Lost Planets Airmen to David Allen Coe's "Rodeo Song" to a whole lot of bluegrass about killing, moonshine, whiskey and more including "Copper Kettle" about joys brewing 'shine.

Without radio, I can listen to what I want, when I want and by whom I want. I don't smoke but a song about cigarettes isn't offensive to me. I don't kill or abuse women and Lord knows there's enough in bluegrass of that to go around. In fact there are probably more sins in bluegrass than I can count but, I still listen to all of it and enjoy the music. Whiskey Before Breakfast anybody?

I am sure that every song written will offend somebody and I hope we don't stop making music because somebody's ears may get offended or somebody actually takes the lyrics of a song seriously instead of just being a song. Maybe radio will cease because they can no longer air any music in trembling fear that a song may actually offend just one person. My problem is that the noose around acceptability's throat keeps getting tighter and tighter. Common sense died years ago along with any sense of humor or other traits that made people human. There doesn't appear to be any slowing down and it won't end till the Politically Correct Police are at the end of their rope. Then what? Silence? Back to the Speakeasy days of music being performed in back rooms to Invitation Only crowds? I certainly hope not.

It is a lot like the legislature. Every time Congress writes a law, they take away a bit more freedom and a bite out of liberty. There are very few laws that ever give some back. The same is true with our music. Every time we make a topic taboo or exclude another song from being performed, we are actually cutting our own throats until, in the end, either the music all sounds the same (because it is) or, there is nothing left to sing about and the music ultimately dies. Music would no longer have any soulful value to it because, it would no longer have any meat on the bone. Devoid of feelings, substance, real life and emotion, music wouldn't be worth listening to except in a box built by Otis. Elevator music for all and absolutely no lyrics.

Anyway, to each their own. I dropped radio because what I wanted to listen to and enjoy wasn't being played anymore. I didn't stop listening to the music, I just changed the medium that provides it. Radio refused to play what I wanted to hear so, I now listen to the iPod, my media server and CDs.

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