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Monroeville Can't Be Put Out with Latest Album

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 Can't Put Me OutMonroeville Records is proud to announce that industry veterans and fan-favorites Matt Munsey and Monroeville have completed work on their first full-length project entitled Can't Put Me Out scheduled for release April 1st. In an unprecedented move, they have released the entire album for streaming one week ahead of the album's release date and it can be heard in it's entirery (see below). Can't Put Me Out, is personal - and personifies Monroeville's ability to keep moving forward, despite heartbreak or obstacles. It's a project that showcases their true uniqueness.

Since the band's inception four years ago, the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association’s Momentum Band of the Year, Monroeville, has gone through growing pains. From finding their place in an ever changing music world with their genre-bending styles, to band changes, one thing rings true of Monroeville - they just don't quit.

Embracing a crossover sound between progressive bluegrass and acoustic country, Monroeville has caught the attention of music lovers on both sides of the tracks. At the band’s core is a belief that good music knows no boundaries. They seamlessly flow through a range of musical styles and sounds, from bluegrass to country and pop, gaining the attention of a rapidly expanding fan base worldwide.

Can't Put Me Out has 11 original songs, all written by members of the band, and explores several different genres, with one Doc Boggs classic, re-tooled in Monroeville's signature style.

Matt Munsey, original member and leader of Monroeville, states, “The title of the project, named from the first song on the album, "Can’t Put Me Out", is for the underdogs – the ones that get underestimated and overlooked. You might get stepped on but they can’t put out your fire. It was a fitting theme that also translated very easily to artwork."

The album is available for streaming so that fans can hear the entire album prior to release. To listen, just Click Here and hear what all the excitement is about.

Formed in 2010 by Grammy nominated producer and instrumentalist Matt Munsey, Monroeville is a movement that dares us to experience music as a community. The Monroeville band is a perennial evolution of incredible talent, with an alumni roster consisting of IBMA, CCMA, and DOVE award winners.

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