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Nickel Creek's A Dotted Line Coming April 1

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Nickel CreekSara Watkins of Nickel Creek writes, "This past June, Sean, Chris and I got together to write some new music. The writing and arranging went so well, that we decided to make an entire record! In November, along with Eric Valentine (who produced Why Should The Fire Die?) we made our new record, A Dotted Line.

The news about one of America's favorite bluegrass bands, the Grammy Award–winning, multi-platinum selling trio Nickel Creek, comprised of Chris Thile (mandolin/vocals), and siblings Sara Watkins (fiddle/vocals) and Sean Watkins (guitar/vocals), are getting together for a "reunion" project and tour has the community hopping with excitement. Chris Thile wants everybody to know that this doesn't mean other projects are on hold. "To be clear, Punch Brothers are alive and well…working on a new record even! So are Edgar Meyer and I! And I’m brushing my teeth more often!" said Thile.

The band performed bluegrass however, they always stretched the boundaries as they sought out their own unique place in music. Always acoustic in the early years, their music strayed from the hard traditional bluegrass yet, it always maintained a solid footing there.

It has been seven long years since the band was together and a world of changes have occurred during that time. Their first performance as a band will take place at the world famous Ryman Auditorium April 18th with tickets going on sale today, February 4.

A Dotted LineI've watched Chris and Nickel Creek since they were just kids performing the regional bluegrass festival circuit. It has been exciting to watch them grow, evolve and mature artistically. I have their LPs and pictures of them when they weren't even in their teens. They performed all the major festivals around California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah (the 4 corners regions). It has been extremely rewarding to have witnessed their growth musically and artistically. As they evolved, they started winning grammys and numerous other awards for their albums This Side in 2002 and later, in 2005 for Why Should the Fire Die?.

The album will be released on April 1st and the Exclusive CD, vinyl, and t-shirt pre-order bundles are now available and include an instant download of "Destination" and "Love of Mine." available for pre-order now!"/em

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