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Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent Holds #1 for 2nd Week

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 Only MeNashville, TN -- Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent holds #1 chart position for 2nd week. The Billboard Bluegrass Chart is based solely on actual sales reported through Sound Scan, and is the only realistic representation of the sale of bluegrass CDs.

"I am once again thrilled and honored to have a #1 CD on Billboard for a second week," says Rhonda. "It's exciting to know people are loving the new music, and we are having such fun performing the new songs."

Rhonda Vincent may be the only bluegrass artist found in Wal-Mart stores, Best Buy, and K-Mart, that performs over 50% of her dates at actual 100% bluegrass festivals. This could be another reason she and her band are the Most Award Winning Band in Bluegrass Music with over 80 awards.

Her business model is much different than most other artists, and it appears to be paying off dividends. What is her secret approach?

"I majored in accounting in college," Rhonda shares, "Budgeting is crucial to a successful business, but our most important element, may not be describable." "It's heartfelt, and approaching each step with an authenticity that I must feel is right, deep in my heart." "If I don't feel that, I can't proceed to the next step."

This 5-time Grammy Nominee is at the Top of her Game, performing with Award Winning Musicians, and a tour schedule that exceeds any previous year.

Her new single "Busy City" and a track by track with Kyle Cantrell are coming soon on SiriusXM Radio.

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