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James Reams Offers Valentine's Day Heart Warmers

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James Reams ValentineHow about the Mike Dowling tune, “I Caught A Keeper” from James Reams, Walter Hensley and the Barons of Bluegrass album "Wild Card?" This tune has a delightful bounce as it blends fishing into a love song. James Reams' version of the song features the masterful picking of Walter Hensley "one of the underrated greats of the 5-string" according to author and music historian Richard Smith. James says he fell for this song hook, line and sinker. Hopefully your audiences will fall for it as well!

Another suggestion is "Just Loving You" from James Reams' album "The Blackest Crow." Tom Druckenmiller of SingOut! magazine had this to say about James' rendition: "James Reams is a wonderfully expressive singer, and the title track is one of many highlights on this recording. Another highlight is the Kieran Kane and Jamie O'Hara classic 'Just Loving You' with its live in the studio sound."

For your convenience, these two songs are available as MP3s on the band's website: through the end of February.

Lyrics for "I Caught A Keeper"
(Mike Dowling/ Pinspotter Music - ASCAP)

Well I've been fishing in the sea of love
I've been tryin' to catch the one
   I've been dreaming of
I guess I caught me four or five
Just enough to keep my hopes alive
I let 'em go 'cause they wouldn't do
But I caught a keeper when I caught you

Now when my friends see what I've got
They'll be cruisin' on over to
   my lucky spot
I tell 'em that's all right by me
There's lots of fish in the deep blue sea
But you're my limit and I don't need two
'Cause I caught a keeper
   when I caught you

On the day I found you
I remember how my motor roared
I put my arms around you
And I hollered "Man overboard"

Now I'm so glad you didn't get away
I'm gonna keep you near me
   night and day
You're the best of the whole darn batch
You're my once in a lifetime catch
But now my fishin' days are through
'Cause I caught a keeper
   when I caught you
I caught a keeper when I caught you

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