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Poor Mountain Releases Single from Remington Ryde

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Harvesting The TraditionPrinceton, WV -- Poor Mountain Records is excited to announce the release of Remington Ryde's first single from their project Harvesting the Tradition. The first single is entitled "Grandpa Was My Guide" and is an original penned by Remington Ryde's own Ryan Frankhouser. The heartfelt song is a touching tribute to Ryan's grandfather, and is undoutedly a song that listeners will be able to relate to. A hard driving traditional bluegrass band. Remington Ryde offer superb musicianship, hauntingly tight harmonies, traditional and contemporary lead vocal styles, original material, humor, and history in every performance.

Emerging as one of the hottest bluegrass bands from Central Pennsylvania is Remington Ryde. The band was formed in November of 2002 with the sole purpose of promoting bluegrass music throughout the state. They continue to grow in popularity, winning over crowds throughout the country. They have released four full length albums and one single, “I’ll Wait for You,” that has been played by bluegrass radio stations throughout the country including Sirius Bluegrass. They have successfully hosted the 3rd Annual Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival and announced the date for the 4th festival on July 16-18, 2010 in Reedsville, Pennsylvania.

"Remington Ryde is an established hard driving bluegrass music ensemble from the great state of Pennsylvania. They have been traveling the road for several years now spreading their brand of bluegrass to bluegrass audiences around the country. We are excited to have them as a part of the Poor Mountain Family and to be able to release their latest project "Harvesting the Tradition" This talented group of guys are without a doubt preserving the tradition of traditional bluegrass music."
  ~ Jonathan Buckner

Their relentless touring schedule, consisting of over 100 shows per year, has earned them the reputation of one of the busiest bands in all of bluegrass music. The group was featured in the May issue of the Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine and also featured in the August issue of the Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine in 2009. They are loved by festival-goers and bluegrass fans from all over the country. The band is exploding into the national scene.

Remington Ryde released their first professional project in 2007, produced by Green Valley Records in Hughesville, Pennsylvania. This album earned them a showcase in 2008 at Cabin Fever in Hampton, Virginia. The popularity of this album helped the group land contracts at some of the top bluegrass festivals in the country. This includes appearances at Bluegrass Festivals in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Maine, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The group continues to expand and grow in popularity.

It is no mystery why this band is becoming so popular so quickly. They play a wide range of traditional and contemporary bluegrass while demonstrating superb showmanship, impressively tight harmonies, and original material. Each musician is as personable as they are talented; making sure the audience comes first. The band gives 110% on every performance, from their entertaining and energetic stage personalities to the lively interaction and conversation with any and all who visit after the show. It is really quite simple - Remington Ryde loves what they do and it shows!!!

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