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NewTown's "Time Machine" Going Strong

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NewTown Bluegrass BandNewTown features five artists demonstrating a vast array of acoustic music styling. Based out of Lexington, Kentucky, NewTown accurately cites their obvious local musical influences. The band is able to journey into a realm of their own while still maintaining the spirit of the legendary bluegrass and “Newgrass” sounds created within the walls of Lexington’s Red Slipper Lounge during the mid 70’s. The band's eagerly anticipated second album was released on November 5th. Time Machine is the band’s first release with Pisgah Ridge Records and features the dynamic band from Lexington, KY led by husband and wife team Kati Penn-Williams and Jr. Williams. Time Machine is a diverse project with song content that spans from strong originals by guitarist C.J. Cain to a fantastic cover of Guy Clark's “Dublin Blues.”

The band was started by Kati Penn, a talented fiddle player and vocalist from Frankfort, Kentucky. Kati is unique in her ability to lead a band while maintaining the philosophy of a band of equal parts. Jr Williams complements his wife, Kati, with amazing high harmony and lead vocals along with persistently tasteful banjo and guitar playing. James Kee, of Chattanooga, Tennessee is featured on the mandolin, lead, and harmony vocals. James sings nearly any part thrown his direction and is also very accomplished on the guitar and banjo as well.  Time MachineThe guitar playing is taken up by C.J. Cain, a Lexington native and graduate of the University of Kentucky. C.J.’s guitar style exemplifies an eclectic musical background and desire to reach outside the box. Terry Poirier is the band’s newest member, recently relocated to Lexington from New Brunswick, Canada. Terry has become the backbone of the band’s groove and is exceptionally gifted in the art of music and recording.

“I am grateful for NewTown. I am grateful that they are playing music in an art form that is more concerned with creativity and honest artistry, than who is on the dying ‘hit parade.’ The beauty in the singing and playing, the depth of thoughtful, pointed, mature songwriting is what this band is about. Their ‘mission statement’ as it is, starts with track 1 (‘All I Was To You’) and ends with track 10 (‘A Train Robbery’). Time Machine is worth every minute of your precious time.”
– John E. Cowan

Together, the band blends their vastly different musical influences to deliver a sound of their own. NewTown creates their sound as a cohesive musical unit with a tangible diversity to which all listeners can relate. Currently, tracks on the album are seeing chart action and both the album and the band are getting positive recognition.

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