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Marian Levy on Rounder at International Country Music Conference

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Rounder Records founders Ken Irwin and Marian Levy at ICMC 2010The International Country Music Conference (ICMC) is pleased that Marian Leighton-Levy of Rounder Records will once again be participating at ICMC. Previoulsy she supported Ken Irwin in the ICMC 2010 keynote dealing with the history of Rounder Records. Marian Levy’s presentation will have a tighter focus as she will be dealing with “Radcal Politics, The Counter Culture, And The Beginning Of Rounder Records.” Marian’s presentation will be particularly interesting in context of Ron Cohen’s and Si Kahn’s keynote presentation dealing the folk revivial, country music, and social justice. In addition, the Friday evening Studio B event will also fit nicely into such a context. Watch for an announcement of the Studio B event after the first of the year!

The ICMC has announced another ‘reveal’ that will add to your ICMC 2014 experience. It will be a fascinating session indeed when Erika Brady and Nolan Porterfield present a remarkable discovery of WLS National Barn Dance touring package show photographs from 1937-1940 that include Gene Autry and many other significant performers.

The International Country Music Conference (ICMC) is gearing up for their 2014 event. Each year, the ICMC presents topics of interest on bluegrass and traditional country music. The ICMC will do the ‘Big Reveal’ for the ICMC 2014 Thursday evening 22 May keynote event. Of course, the preceding social hour—with some great food—will feature socializing and informal picking. We are very pleased to announce that long term ICMC friend Ron Cohen of Indiana University Northwest and internationally known singer songwriter, activist Si Kahn will be presenting “The Folk Revival, Country Music, and Social Justice.” Ron Cohen has numerous books on the Folk Revival such as “Rainbow Quest: The Folk Music Revival and American Society, 1940-1970” and related topics and has frequently presented at ICMC. Cybergrass regularly covers the ICMC which frequently has quality bluegrass subject matter.

Woodsongs Michael Johnathon posted on Si Kahn’s significance stating “very few artists have the legacy, commitment, honesty and consistent heart to step into the shadow of the likes of Pete Seeger. ... using music for a reason, not to sell things ... writing song for the heart, not some chart ... performing for an intent more honorable than for just selling a ticket. Very few artists think in those terms anymore. If he chose to, Si could be one of the ones to step into the footprints of Pete, Woody and others.

James Akenson says, "I'm glad that his bluegrass album with the Looping Brothers scored well on FolkDJ and other places, he deserves it. Si certainly isn't done, his creative juices still churn and he has a long road of good work ahead of him. His new one woman play with Sue Massek is just a foregleam of what lies ahead.” Combined with other related presentations for ICMC 2014 the diversity of ICMC should be clearly evident."

Pickers don’t forget that there will be informal picking Thursday evening prior to the keynote event and Friday evening at Studio B prior to the special soon to be announced presentation. It would also be great if pickers want to start their collaboration prior to the Thursday noon luncheon. Please contact Nate Gibson (, Greg Reish (, or Karen Raizor ( for additional information. We are still working on a special opportunity to do some additional picking as a pre conference event Wednesday evening 21 May at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt.

The Holiday Inn Vanderbilt will be again the official ICMC hotel of choice. The $115 single-quad rate is minimally $50 below the current rates available! Plesae call for reservations at 877.327.4707 and identify that you are with the International Country Music Conference. All reservations should be made by Sunday 20 April 2014 after which availability and the rate cannot be guaranteed. There may be some special new ICMC feature that takes place Wednesday evening, 21 May 2014 at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt.

The ICMC web site ( has been updated to reflect ICMC 2013 events with a variety of photos and awards information a well as ICMC 2014 due dates for registration. ICMC 2014 will have to revert to The Board Room of The Massey Center where ICMC was housed in previous years. Co Chair Don Cusic was not pleased by the bureaucratic bungle that made the Frist Lecture Hall unavailable. We look forward to ICMC 2015 being housed once again in The Frist Lecture Hall.

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