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Northern California Bluegrass Society Lifetime Achievement Awards

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Jack TuttleThe Northern California Bluegrass Society has announced that the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards will honor four long-time bluegrass music teachers — Bill Evans, Steve Palazzo, Jack Tuttle, and Lee Anne Welch. The awards will be presented on January 25, 2014 as part of the Northern California Bluegrass Awards Show at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center Theater in Redwood City.

All of the honorees have made many contributions to bluegrass music beyond teaching. Bill Evans of Richmond is a performer and bandleader, music historian, author, workshop leader, and recording and video artist. He is the former assistant director of the International Bluegrass Music Museum. Steve Palazzo is a concert organizer, performer and bandleader in Santa Cruz.

Jack Tuttle of Palo Alto is a bandleader and performer, workshop leader, recording artist, and bluegrass dad. Saratoga’s Lee Anne Welch is a performer, recording artist, contradance performer and bandleader. All have labored for decades teaching thousands of aspiring Northern California bluegrass music students.

The theater is a new location for the awards show. The address is 1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94061. The Awards will be preceded by a day-long concert.

The Awards are part of the January 19 & 24-26 NCBS Bluegrass On Broadway Festival held at various Redwood City venues. The 7th Annual FREE event is made possible by principal financial support from the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission, the Redwood City Public Library, the Redwood City Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Affairs, and John Dabney.

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