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'Last Chance' by Russ Carson is Great First Chance

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Last ChanceRuss Carson has released Last Chance which highlights this young artists abilities and qualities. He's somebody who has a solid foundation of what is bluegrass and puts forth his own style and creativity. This recent Patuxent album is another fine addition to bluegrass libraries and Russ Carries the bluegrass torch proudly.

The album is comprised of a broad spectrum of bluegrass from Monroe originals and public domain to some more modern styles from Del McCoury and Ron Block. Russ takes a chance here and its a good one. We certainly hope it won't be his last as he's laid down a fine foundation of bluegrass music.

Russ gathered some other fine artists to assist on the project including the award winning Michael Cleveland and Patrick McAvinue on fiddle, Dominick Leslie on mandolin, Jake Stargel on Guitar, and Marshall Wilborn on bass. Russ holds it down on the banjo. Gold Heart is found throughout the album with a fresh air with Russ.

Russ' clean performances on banjo, whether solo or backup or somewhere in between are tasteful from beginning to end. Never too much and never too little. That's something that's just hard to find these days and he nails it on Last Chance

One thing comes through loud and clear while listening to this new album -- they are having fun! You can hear it. You can feel it. Too many bands sound just too mechanical and that is not to be found here. Here are a group of artists enjoying what they're doing and they do it extremely well. It shows.

Patuxent has released many rare gems of bluegrass and this is certainly a great addition to the list. As Greg Cahill says, "This is the first of what I hope will be many first-class recordings released by Russ Carson." Cahill also notes, "listenings to this Russ Carson recording should put the concerns of those who worry about the future of bluegrass music to rest. The music is literally in good hands!"

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