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Stetson and Cia Announce New Collaboration Live on WSM September 15 at 8:30 a.m.

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Stetson & CiaFollowing the disbanding announcement of Cherryholmes, the 5 time GRAMMY nominated International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Entertainers of the Year, the acoustic music industry has been a wheel as to what the 4 younger members would do next. While both of the young men have laid their paths and made announcements as to what their futures hold – with BJ now playing with current IBMA entertainers of the year, Dailey and Vincent, and Skip forming the Skip Cherryholmes Quintet – the ladies have made some indications, without yet saying exactly what their futures hold.

The youngest, Molly Kate, has announced the start of Corporation Insania with a soft online release of new original material, and is poised to announce the full details of her upcoming events. The oldest of the clan, Cia, is now ready to make her announcement.

Cia Cherryholmes is known not only for her beautiful voice as a sought after session singer and banjo player but also as a prolific songwriter, writing the vast majority of the material for her previous band's projects. In a chance meeting through a studio manager, Cia met Stetson Adkisson. Stetson, a professional fly fishing and hunting guide, also happens to be a singer songwriter, whose last self-titled project was released in 2006 to rave reviews.

Stetson and CiaAfter a few months of collaborating, they have decided to form a new duo: Stetson and Cia. Stetson and Cia's songwriting styles are quite complementary, with their voices blending together to create a sound that is simultaneously simple and complex.

Through the course of her time off, Cia has stayed in touch with her existing fans through her Facebook Fan Page, with a few pictures and raw you-tube videos. Stetson states, "We wanted to know how Cia's fans would feel about her working with another artist. So far, the reviews, as well as comments seem to be very positive. We are now hopeful they will like what we together have to offer in a show, as well as in recordings. We are going into the studio this week to record original material." Subsequently, they have started a new Facebook page, Stetson Adkisson and Cia Cherryholmes, and an official website has now been launched,

Joe Bonsall of the world-renowned Oak Ridge Boys was kind enough to send his thoughts on Stetson and Cia: "First, a disclaimer: As a student of the banjo I must admit that Cia Cherryholmes is an idol and a hero so anything I write about her might seem a bit biased because, quite frankly, it is just that! Having said that, however, I am very moved by her new efforts in her collaborations with Stetson Adkisson. Cia is an incredible songwriter on so many levels and her vocals and banjo work are clean and pure, and with Stetson there seems to be another dimension to her talent, and it is all good. I hate comparisons, but as a fan of The Civil Wars I can see some strong similarities in the power and chemistry in the music.

Great STUFF!!! Great writing, great singing, clean pickin'... What else IS there?

Joe Bonsall - 38 year member of the American Music Group The Oak Ridge Boys and author of 8 books... and a BANJO PLAYER.... :)"

Stetson and Cia"I guess coming from such a musically talented family, great talent attracts great talent. Cia Cherryholmes and Stetson Adkisson are for real. We are all in for a real treat! I can't wait to hear this CD," says Dana Williams of Diamond Rio.

Focusing on finding a well-balanced mix of singer-songwriter rooms and large venues, Stetson and Cia are poised to share their unique show with audiences around the globe. Their style – a blend of country, roots and AcoustiCana – allows their music to translate to music lovers of all genres, including pop and country. Cia explains, "We don‘t want to pigeon hole our music. We are who we are as a team and you get a guitar, a non-traditional styled banjo, and two very organic people who just want to sing and entertain. We will not only be creating songs for our own releases, but we will be shopping our music to all genres, television and movies. We hope everyone will enjoy what we have to offer, and look forward to heading out on the road to meet everyone."

Stetson and Cia are now taking bookings for the beginning of 2012.

Be sure to tune in online, or on the radio, to their first live radio interview and performance on September 15 at 8:30 a.m. on WSM's Coffee, Country and Cody.

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