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Urban Monroes Release New Christmas Single

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Urban MonroesJust letting you know that the Urban Monroes have released a new Bluegrass Christmas single entitled "Underneath The Stars." It is an original that also appears on the Menards Retail Stores Holiday CD back in the Midwest.

Rather than "Ho-Ho-Ho-ing" into the holidays, the Urban Monroes offer a song with a more personal message. That song, "Underneath the Stars," begins in the dry arid troubled lands of life and ends at the joy filled Nativity where the gift of all gifts arrived in the most humble surroundings and underneath the stars.

The song includes the band's long-time fiddle-friend Annie Staninec joining the guitar, banjo, and bass in a rapid flight across a desert landscape to a Christmas culmination. "Underneath the Stars" is available to DJ's for download at Airplay Direct at

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