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Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising Release Long Awaited Christmas CD

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Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising Christmas CDAlthough it may appear that the release of Spending Every Christmas With You is right on the heels of the January 2013 success of Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising's Lowground CD - it's really a project that has been approximately five years in the making - and simply chose the end of 2013 as the time to make it's debut to the general public. CD Baby will begin releasing the CD on Friday, November 15th.

It all started with an audience sing-a-long song called "Bluegrass Christmas". It became such a well loved part of the bands holiday shows that fans started asking for additional holiday flavored offerings - and the question began to arise, "When are you going to produce a Christmas CD?"

For many years our fans have asked us for a holiday CD, and although we’ve been truly inspired by both the Christmas spirit and your faith in us—well, life just seemed to get in the way and every time we’d get started all of a sudden we’d be off doing something else. But you kept asking, opportunities to perform Christmas shows kept presenting themselves, and our muses kept tapping on our shoulders. . . . the end result of which is now resting in your hands.

The answer, of course, is as the notes bubbled up out of our hearts and turned into songs. We took our time. Made sure each song was meaningful. We tried some of them out at our holiday shows over the course of a few years. We had some life experiences that spoke to our songwriting souls.

This CD is available for purchase at

What we present to you now is a compilation of ten original songs that not only carry the unique sound you've come to know as that of Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising - but that we hope become songs that you will want to add to those classics you want to play over and over again because they speak to your heart and to the hearts of your listening audience. As with all the songs we write, they are the songs of shared experience.

Special thanks to our families (who got to listen to Christmas songs all year long!), to Mark Gensman of Ground Zero sound for his “You can do it better!” guidance and enthusiasm, to Pinup Dresses for Kathy’s dress (and to Danielle Weber for making fashion so fun!), to Chuck and Chris Palmer for letting us borrow their historic home for our photo shoot, to The Grotto for providing such a sacred background for the action photos, and to the life events that continually provide us the insight to the write the songs we present to you.

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