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IBMA & Youth Council: We Want Ya!

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IBMA Youth at WOB 2013 by IBMAWorld of Bluegrass 2013 was a great time for youth to get together, jam, make new friends, and stay out past bedtime. But it doesn't end there! The good times continue year-round with IBMA's Youth Council, which intends to speak collectively for the youth of IBMA, facilitate youth projects and industry mentoring opportunities, and work to share bluegrass music with more young people.

Learn more about what the Youth Council offered and was involved in during WOB here. The Youth Council is cooking up ideas for 2014, and we can't do it without the energy and input of the ones we'll be planning it for. So if you fall under "Youth," let your voice be heard!

Get Involved! If you are a kid or know a kid who should get in on this group, or if you wish you were a kid and want to keep up-to-date with what's going on in the Youth World, we want to hear from you! Youth IBMA Membership is available for those under 16 for $15 a year!

Please send the youth's contact information, as well as the parents (if youth are under 16) to IBMA Staff Liason Taylor Coughlin (, or by calling the IBMA office at (615)256-3222. We look forward to hearing from you.

All week, the "Who's Feeling Young Now" room (taken from a popular Punch Brothers' song) was open for kids and youth to gather, jam, and hang out.

Here's what happened for youth during World of Bluegrass 2013:

  • Youth Council programmed the Youth Stage on Saturday featuring Ash Breeze Band, The Willis Clan, Lonesome Meadow, Snyder Family Band, Vickie Vaughn Band, and Flatt Lonesome.
  • The bands Della Mae, Flatt Lonesome, and The Bankesters all came to hang out and jam with the youth. How cool is that?
  • About 60 were in attendance for the kickoff party on Wednesday which had free pizza, soft drinks, and hot jamming.
  • Meeting for those interested in the Youth Council and planning youth activities
  • Bluegrass Youth All Stars, coached by Stephen Mougin, Tony Watt, and Laura Orshaw played at the IBMA Awards Show. The Youth Council were heavily involved in the production of this ensemble. Reps from the Youth Council also handed out trophies onstage at the IBMA Awards Show Sept. 26.
  • Kids on Bluegrass - led by Kim Fox - rehearsed during the week and performed at the Wide Open Bluegrass Street Festival on Friday, and the senior KOBG performed at the BMI Nominees Reception before the Awards Show.

All in all, about 300 came in and out of the "Who's Feeling Young Now" room Wednesday through Saturday of World of Bluegrass. The goals of the Youth Council include speaking collectively for the youth of IBMA, facilitating youth projects and industry mentoring opportunities, and working to share bluegrass music with more young people.

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