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Australia's The Stetson Family U.S. Independent Release - "A Happy Tale"

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The Stetson FamilyAustralia's Bluegrass music group, The Stetson Family, commented on their United States independent single release of "A Happy Tale" saying, "what an interesting and great year it’s been so far. Exactly a year ago Johnny and I found ourselves on a plane heading to Nashville for a whirlwind week to present O Winding River at the International Bluegrass Music Association songwriter showcase."

They continued, "We had an amazing time witnessing the 'tradition' of bluegrass in full flight, watching players who had grown up with the music coursing through their veins. We met great people and saw some of the most amazing pickers in the world! At the same time we got to observe the raging debate of 'what is bluegrass today?' This was interesting to us as we've never considered ourselves purely a bluegrass band. We just do what we do and respectfully tip our hats to the genre and hope people like our music."

When the band returned, for reasons that life threw their way, they couldn’t play gigs for a while, so the band decided to put a compilation album together made up of songs from Hey Sister Mary and The Devil in His Sunday Best to send over to people they had met in Nashville to introduce them to some more Stetson Family music. The idea then became a bit bigger and grew into trying their hand at independently releasing an album in the U.S.

The band said, "the band set about the huge task of navigating our way through the vast U.S. frontier and sending our new project O Winding River on it's merry way. To cut a long story short, the album took flight and to our great surprise turned up at #5 on the Top 50 Bluegrass/Folk Albums on the Global Radio Indicator Charts for August, and is still loitering on there at #11 as we write this. We then discovered it had made the Alternate Roots Chart, making it’s way to #14. Then to our further amazement, we realised it had crossed the Atlantic to the UK and Europe and we were contacted by many stations there including two BBC stations telling us we were on their playlists. Go you good thing!"

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