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Planet Bluegrass Flooded in Lyons, Colorado

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RockyGrass at Planet Bluegrass RanchThe rains came and they kept on coming. Lyons, Colorado is home to Craig Ferguson's Planet Bluegrass that hosts the annual RockyGrass bluegrass music festival, as well as Telluride and many others. The beautiful Planet Bluegrass Ranch is situated along side the rock cliffs and the St. Vrain River. The recent 100 year flood that has stricken the front range of Colorado has left much of Lyons and the surrounding areas under water.

Where streets of asphalt once were seen, canals of mud now flow. Many homes have been lost and many commercial enterprises have been flooded. Planet Bluegrass Ranch is no exception. Situated on the river and adjacent to the cliffs, there was just no place else for the water and mud to go. The grounds became submerged by up to three feet in the onslaught of water. And, the rains are still coming down even today.

Fellow Festivarian, Jon Gold, posted this video of the Planet Bluegrass grounds on his Facebook page Thursday -- 4 days ago. The rains are still coming down today (Sunday).

Planet Bluegrass RanchIn this image, the cliffs to the east of the Planet Bluegrass Ranch are highlighted in orange and the St. Vrain River in blue. Main Street is to the west. The beautiful RockyGrass grounds are in the middle. Today, from the air, it is almost unrecognizable as the gentle flow of the St. Vrain has erupted into a Mother Nature temper tantrum of high volume water flows. The river has become violent as it has over flown its normal channel and replaced the lawns, roads and parks over most of the little peaceful town.

Cybergrass is located in Colorado Springs, 100 miles to the south, and they too are experiencing flooding in their area. Cybergrass received over 8 inches of rain Friday night between midnight and 10 AM. Cybergrass is located on a small mountain, high above any water drainage so was not impacted by the flooding but did experience a lot of water in the area. Streets became rivers, gutters over flowed, most of their law was washed away but, they survived and are dry. They weren't so lucky during last year's wildfires where they were forced to evacuate as the Planet Bluegrass Ranch is now.

Colorado bluegrass fans, festivarians, artists, promoters, venues and more are scattered throughout the flooded front range. It will take time to clean up from the damage. Snow plows are being used to clear the mud from major roadways in the area. Many roads are completely gone as is one small town as shown in this video.

The waters are subsiding in the Longmont area east of Lyons. The rains are getting smaller. The forecast is for better weather ahead. The loss of lives, property and natural resources has been enormous. But, the music will play on. The cliffs of Lyons will again echo the sounds of bluegrass music along the St. Vrain river. The stage will dry and the grass will once again be filled with people instead of the water that blankets it today./Images/RockyGrass0913.jpg

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