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Leroy Troy Kicks Off New Tour Dates, Web Site and More

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Leroy TroyLeroy Troy is super excited to announce that he now has an assistant and booking agent! Danny "Hootenanny" Clark of Hootenanny Publicity. Danny helped create the new web site and, as Leroy says, "is responsible for keeping me on track! Danny also handles all of my social media and wants you to know that you can now "like" me on Facebook and "follow" me on Twitter." With all that news, Leroy also has new tour dates booked, merchandise and more.

To begin, Banjoist & Songster Leroy Troy is a true good ol’ boy from Goodlettsville Tennessee, which is now a northern suburb of metro Nashville. But long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, it was out-in-the-country home to a great number of Grand Ole Opry performers. Back then you couldn’t help but be a neighbor to Stringbean, Bashful Brother Oswald, Bill Monroe, Grandpa Jones, the Carlisles and many others of the first generation of country music. Leroy isn’t quite that old, but he is definitely SOAKED in that old time country entertainment spirit. He knew a number of these folks as neighbors when he was a boy.

Leroy commented on the new adventure saying, "I am thrilled to announce that I have a brand new web site! The new site features lot's of media content including vintage pictures, videos, and even audio samples from my earliest recordings. The new site also includes, for the first time ever, instant digital downloads of these albums! Be sure to visit the new web site at"

Whether he’s performing solo or with The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, do not miss a Leroy Troy show. This is true old time entertainment that just doesn’t come through the internet or cable TV! Most likely this stuff would overload and crash those flimsy modern media. This kind of fun is hard to contain! Guaranteed, after a Leroy Troy show, you’re going to give serious consideration to buying a pair of overalls and a flop felt hat.

The merchandise area of his new web site also gives you access to some of Leroy's earlier works and many of those are true gems. You can sample many of the tracks available too.

Old Time moves into the main stream as Leroy Troy goes digital with tradition. Danny "Hootenanny" Clark is offering assistance so you know he's in good hands. Catch up with Leroy Troy at one of his next stops listed here. It will be a fun and entertaining experience./a

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