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Deadly Gentlemen Unveil Video for "Bored of the Raging" on American Songwriter

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Roll Me Tumble MeRoll Me, Tumble MeLast week, Boston’s Deadly Gentlemen released Roll Me, Tumble Me, their debut disc for Rounder. On Friday, they premiered the video for “Bored of the Raging,” the first single off the album, on

The album has earned praise for Greg Liszt’s “literate and melodic songs,” which “soar with a haunting grace.” (AllMusic).

Roll Me, Tumble Me, The Deadly Gentlemen's third album and Rounder debut, boasts ten winsome examples of their playfully irreverent, vibrantly rootsy songcraft. Although the Boston-based quintet employs acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and double bass-a lineup that's usually associated with traditional bluegrass-their music defies conventional genre restrictions, filtering a bottomless assortment of influences through their own decidedly distinctive songwriting sensibility and uncanny instrumental rapport. The result is timelessly resonant music that's rooted in tradition, yet effortlessly contemporary and boundlessly entertaining.

Time Out New York describes the group’s sound as “thrilling harmonies, a bit of shouting, and foot-stomping rhythm,” while Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald wrote, “Sweet or sad, [Liszt’s] simple melodies — and the vocal harmonies — soar. And the shredding (there’s plenty on “Bored of the Raging” and “A Faded Star”) always serves the song.”

"It's very much been a developing project, and it's evolved into something that feels more natural and less like an experiment," says Liszt, explaining, "It started as an arty side-project to our other bands, and the songs on The Bastard Masterpiece were basically old bluegrass songs that we turned into extended poems with groove-based banjo music. There was a big evolution when we recorded Carry Me to Home, which had kind of a gang-vocal style, with all sorts of coordinated shouting, rapping and singing. Now we've evolved from there into something that's a little closer to conventional song structure."

The Deadly Gentlemen's growth into a formidable creative unit and engaging, uplifting live act-along with the expanded fan base and growing critical acclaim that have accompanied the band's musical development--eventually led to the busy musicians making a conscious choice to commit the bulk of their energies to the group.

The Oakland Press’ Gary Graff calls the band “irreverent and spirited as ever on its third release.” The Deadly Gentlemen are currently on tour throughout the summer.

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