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Music City Roots: GrassRoots MP3 Music Compilation Available

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RootsGrassMusic City Roots and Compass Records don't just love bluegrass; they believe in bluegrass. It’s where American folk traditions and cultivated musicianship meet. And over the 60 years since its founding fathers mixed old-time, swing and gospel with primal drive, bluegrass has been a dynamic, inclusive, democratic music. Our definition of bluegrass is broad, with Doyle Lawson’s scriptural traditional flavor on the same show as Frank Solivan’s funky cover of a 60s pop classic. Music City Roots: GrassRoots contains ten varied and magnificent artists performing songs that touch on coal mining, a country store, doing time and good corn liquor.

The team at Music City Roots, Nashville's favorite live radio variety show, have combed the archives from the past yesar to present the first four volumes of a new Digital Only series. Performances at Music City Roots: Live from the Loveless Cafe debuts with SongRoots, TwangRoots, SoulRoots and GrassRoots, containing magical live performances from artists across teh roots music spectrum.

The Music City Roots vision of bluegrass embraces innovation, but it will always mean American folk tradition and cultivated musicianship. Except where noted, MP3's are available at 160 kbps -- plays on iPod® and all MP3 players. This album's MP3s are available at 320 kbps. The MP3 album retails for just $9.99

The ten tracks of Music City Roots: GrassRoots include:

  1. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver - "County Store"
  2. Della Mae - "Sweet Verona"
  3. Town Mountain - "Looking In The Mirror"
  4. The SteelDrivers - "Good Corn Liquor"
  5. Kathy Mattea - "West virginia Mine Disaster"
  6. The Westbound Rangers - "Stonewall"
  7. Tiller's Folly - "Go The Road"
  8. Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice - "Another Man's Arms"
  9. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen - "The Letter"
  10. Sam Bush Band - "Out On The Ocean"

If you enjoy the GrassRoots album, you will probably enjoy the other three in this debut release. SongRoots, TwangRoots, and SoulRoots each contain Music City Roots live performances as diverse and exciting as GrassRoots.

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