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Del McCoury Band to Premier “Del & Woody” at Caramoor Roots Fest

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Del McCoury BandOn Saturday, June 29th at The Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts – Venetian Theater, The Del McCoury Band will headline Caramoor’s American Roots Music Festival – a daylong celebration of folk, string band, country, blues, gospel, and bluegrass music. The concert will mark the world premiere and the only New York performance of The Del McCoury Bands new project, “Del & Woody” featuring unheard and unsung words of Guthrie set to music by Del himself.

To help bring new life to the work of American folk poet Woody Guthrie, his daughter, Nora Guthrie, gave Del McCoury exclusive access to the archives of her father’s unpublished work. Now, with the support of Woody Guthrie’s family, The Del McCoury Band will perform an evening of never-before-heard lyrics writeen by the “Dust Bowl Troubadour” set to new music by Del McCoury and including a multi-media presentation featuring Guthrie’s original words, drawings, and other materials from the archives that inspired this performance. In addition, McCoury, will perform his trademark Bluegrass standards and favorites.

Check out this glimpse into the studio of The Del McCoury Band recording Woody Guthrie’s “California Gold”.

Vince Gill says it simply, and maybe best: "I'd rather hear Del McCoury sing 'Are You Teasing Me' than just about anything."For fifty years, Del's music has defined authenticity for hard core bluegrass fans-count Gill among them- as well as a growing number of fans among those only vaguely familiar with the genre. And while the fifty year milestone is an opportunity to look back on a unique legacy, it's also one that Del McCoury's rolling past with a wave and a grin and some of the best music he's ever made.

"It gives hope to everybody-fifty years is a long time to be playing music in any field,"says another fan, Elvis Costello. "But to keep the purity that you need to do this kind of music, and the drive and the energy... takes a special kind of guy.

"And indeed, McCoury is something special, a living link to the days when bluegrass was made only in hillbilly honkytonks, schoolhouse shows and on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, yet also a commandingly vital presence today, from prime time and late night talk show TV to music festivals where audiences number in the hundreds of thousands. "Here's a guy who has been playing for fifty years, and he's still experimenting-still looking to do things outside the box, to bring other kinds of music into bluegrass form,"says Americana music icon Richard Thompson, who saw his "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"turned into a bluegrass standard when McCoury brought it into the fold. "I think that's the best bluegrass band, period. That's it."

Also, Del is very excited to announce the lineup for the 4th annual Del Yeah. Del Yeah will be taking place on August 24 & 25 in St. Louis at The Old Rock House. The 2 day event will feature The Del McCoury Band, Henhouse Prowlers, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Honey Island Swamp Band, Head For The Hills, Whitewater Ramble, Aaron Kamm & The One Drops, Old Salt Union, The Hatrick, Clusterpluck, Acoustics Anonymous, and Elemental Shakedown. The idea of Del Yeah is to create a festival atmosphere in an outdoor setting or otherwise non-traditional venue complete with impromptu jams and unscheduled collaborations. More information to come!

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