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Reno and Harrell Sign with John Boy & Billy Records

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Reno and Harrell Sign with John Boy & Billy RecordsJohn Boy & Billy, Inc. adds to its roster of Bluegrass artists, with the signing of Reno & Harrell to the label. They join artist Terry Baucom, who has just finished a new recording for the label. Related to the bluegrass legends of the folk music and bluegrass era of the '60s, the now grown offspring are carrying on the bluegrass music tradition.

Dale and Don Wayne Reno and Mitch Harrell are sons of Bluegrass legends (Don Reno and Bill Harrell) who toured together for many years, writing and recording some of the Bluegrass standards of today. The second generation Reno & Harrell Band promises to not only keep the music of their fathers alive, but incorporate new, original songs into their shows and recordings.

Don Reno was an immensely influential banjo player and one of the founding figures in bluegrass music. Born in Spartanburg in 1926, Reno began playing banjo at age five and was performing professionally by the time he was twelve, often on WSPA Radio on East Main Street. As a teenager, Earl Scruggs sometimes traveled from his home near Shelby to WSPA to watch Reno play the banjo. In 1943,

Like their pioneer parents, the "new" Reno and Harrell are carrying the torch of traditional bluegrass. John Boy & Billy are happy to carry this duo as new members of their roster.

Speaking of recordings, Reno & Harrell is currently in the studio, putting the finishing touches on a new release slated to come out at the end of August on the John Boy & Billy label. CEO, Ed Lowe, says "this is a perfect fit. The guys (Dale and Don Wayne) made frequent appearances on the John Boy & Billy Show as members of Hayseed Dixie. We are thrilled they have teamed up with Mitch Harrell to move forward in traditional Bluegrass and that they chose the John Boy & Billy label to help do it."

For more information on Reno & Harrell, visit their website:

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