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The Fastest Grass Alive - Reunion of the Bluegrass Bands Concert Series

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Reunion of the Bluegrass Bands Concert Series will feature The Fastest Grass Alive reunion show at the Concerts at Rob's Barn located at 1037 Pinch Valley Road, Westminster, MD 21158 (for GPS directions you may want to use: 805 View West Drive, Westminster, MD 21158 which is nearby) on Sat., May 25, 2013. Show admission will be at least a donation of $10.00 at the door (with more requested to help cover additional 2013 expenses incurred); show time will be at 8:00 PM; there may be some jamming outside the barn before the show if you come earlier; Rob's Barn is a smoke free environment and does not allow hard liquor on the premises (however, soda, beer, or wine is acceptable, although it is asked that restraint be observed in respect of others where applicable); chairs will be provided, but you may also bring your favorite one; food may be brought to share or you may bring snacks only for yourselves, no food or beverage will sold on premises; outlets will be available at the provided food tables for those who wish to bring hot dishes; for further info please contact Rob Miller at 410-857-7473.

For the most serious of bluegrass fans, there is no greater satisfaction than that which comes from hearing the music done right. Though it's a style in which tradition plays a greater role than in practically any other form of commercial popular music, that doesn't mean simply recapping the classics. To those who know and appreciate the history of the music, "tradition" doesn't describe a style or sound, but rather a way of learning and a kind of musical conservationism; traditional musicians learn their craft by a process of apprenticeship, and concentrating their creative energies on variation, not wholesale or radical change. Bluegrass is done right, then, when it's played with soul, drive, elegance and equal measures of familiarity with the classics and appreciation for the creativity of the musicians who made them.

From this perspective, Fastest Grass Alive is unquestionably a traditional bluegrass band. Among the re-casted members of the band, there are some familiar figures. Warren Blair on fiddle & vocals is perhaps the most well-known of the group, having served with distinction in the bands of bluegrass legends Charlie Moore and Bill Harrell, as well as the Bluegrass Cardinals, the Del McCoury Band and Jimmy Gaudreau's Bluegrass Unit. David Propst on mandolin & vocals has impressed East Coast audiences for years with his deft contributions alongside multiple higher profiled bluegrass bands such as Paul Adkins and the Borderline Band, Norman Wright, Kevin Church & The Travelers and Darren Beachley's Maryland Line Band; while Steve Streett on banjo & vocals and Tom Reeves on bass & vocals have done the same and excelled within lesser known East Coast acts. Lastly, Kenny Blair, on guitar & vocals, is less familiar to bluegrassers, but does bring his own considerable experience and unique perspective to the group as a country music veteran, having worked with brother Warren for acts like Melba Montgomery, Tommy Overstreet and Johnny Rodriguez.

This assortment of backgrounds and interests made Fastest Grass Alive a group with an especially sharp eye for engaging material. Rather than disdain country music, they saw bluegrass as integrally related to the larger genre, a fertile ground from which to harvest outstanding songs. Add it all up, and the conclusion is inescapable: the blend of the old and new, its dedication to craft and its devotion to "songs that tell a story," Fastest Grass Alive shows just how deeply it absorbed not the outer attributes, but the innermost values of bluegrass's greats; an accomplishment that is still all too rare these days, and does deserve the highest praise. But in the end, that's all one really needs to know.

So, we'd like to invite everyone to come on out to see the first of six Reunion of the Bluegrass Bands Concert Series, starting with the Fastest Grass Alive band. This band did wow the larger Baltimore area for a short amount of time in the early 2000's, and created a big musical impact on the area. There was a sadness when band's demise came. There are only two CD's to the band's credit as to carry their legacy of sound to those whom did miss seeing them; but not, there comes another chance to witness what was, as they once again reunite to reprise the music they created as the sounds of yester-year again will leap back to life. It is hoped that you attend the Concerts at Rob's Barn and not miss this opportunity to witness a extraordinary show from the reprisal of an extraordinary band. See you there!

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