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Baltimore Bluegrass Band, Across the Tracks at The Patterson Theater May 10

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Baltimore Bluegrass BandThe Baltimore Bluegrass Band will be hosted by the Creative Alliance at The Patterson Theater, located at 3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224, for a Friday evening performance on May, 10th starting at 8:00 pm. The opening act will be the upbeat bluegrass band from Harford County, Across The Tracks. Charge will be $15.00 at the door, $10.00 for members.

Baltimore Bluegrass Band plays traditional bluegrass with elegance, drive, and accomplished technique. The band dips into the country music repertoire for truly great songs that showcase fiddler/vocal master Warren Blair, a long-time Del McCoury Band veteran. Through bandleader Frankie Short, the ensemble’s roots go back to an old, accomplished family in the Maryland Appalachian diaspora. From Harford County, the upbeat band Across The Tracks has fun with the opening set.

Among the members of The Baltimore Bluegrass Band, there are some familiar figures. Warren Blair will be on fiddle & vocals and is perhaps the most well-known of the group, having served with distinction in the bands of bluegrass legends Charlie Moore and Bill Harrell, as well as the Bluegrass Cardinals, The Del McCoury Band and Jimmy Gaudreau's Bluegrass Unit. David Propst, on mandolin & vocals, has also impressed East Coast audiences for years with his deft contributions alongside multiple higher profiled bluegrass bands such as Paul Adkins and the Borderline Band, Norman Wright, Kevin Church & The Travelers and Darren Beachley’s Maryland Line Band. Steve Streett on banjo & vocals and Brian Eldreth on upright bass & vocals have done much of the same and excelled within lesser known East Coast acts. Frankie Short on guitar & vocals is the most least known of the group, but does claim his own musical pedigree being from a legendary Maryland bluegrass family and son of the late Frankie Short, Sr., whom did acquired bluegrass legendary status by frequenting the Baltimore area for years and playing club after club alongside other such legendary Baltimore bluegrass legends such as Jim McCall, Walter Hensley & Dee Gunter.

The Baltimore Bluegrass Band at The Patterson Theater, Baltimore Maryland

Across The Tracks bluegrass band is based in Harford County, Maryland. The group has been playing bluegrass for nearly 6 years together we have grown quickly and honestly. Once they started playing together as a group it was a instant click, it was like they have been together for 20 years. The band says, "With a mix of new and old our sound is like no other."

The band members have over 50 years combined playing bluegrass music. The groups says, "We believe that to have a good band you must have fun when performing. Having fun makes the music what it truely should be."

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