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Urban Monroes on the Mountain Folk TV Show

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Urban MonroesMay is almost here so what better time for an Urban Monroes update? May, being the heart of spring, means renewal and rebirth; new flower blooms, new trees blossoms, a new CD... Ah yes, Mother Nature in all her glory. New in May will be the Urban Monroes latest CD CD Appaloosa Daydream with the cut “Never My Love” going out on Poetman Records Radio Sampler that month. On Feb 8th the Urban Monroes released the single “Never My Love” making it available to DJ’s at Airplay Direct. Now, some of Urban Monroes' videos are also going to be featured on the Mountain Folk TV Show out of Pennsylvania. Mountain Folk has been on the air in one form or another for over 30 years. Unless you are in PA you won't be able to view it on TV but you will be able to see it on Youtube. The band is very excited about being on the show. It’s always nice to be on TV and not have to worry about stepping on the Blu-Ray player. Check the feed on the front of the band's webpage to stay informed.

"Never My Love" from CD Appaloosa Daydream will travel around to 1200 radio stations, which by some calculations should sustain the postal service well into summer. Jim Chatfield, host of the World Wide Bluegrass show Bluegrass in the BASSment, joined the band on bass for several of the final album cuts, including “Never My Love.” Jim says he plays the Urban Monroes on every one of his shows and the band has been more than honored to be a regular part of his playlist. So it is fitting to have Jim as an “honorary UM” on the bluegrass release of the Association hit. In advance of the release, the Urban Monroes are #6 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 Bluegrass Chart. Want to see what the band sounds like? Well then, you can join them at YouTube. The UM's are well on the way to 700 subscribers and would love to have you join them there at

Fashioned from the heart of tradition and infused with adrenaline, the Urban Monroes’ bluegrass style combines the skills of some of the Pacific Northwest's finest talent. Fast-paced and highly energetic, the band performs both original and traditional bluegrass with a style and delivery uniquely its own.

If you haven’t stopped in at Janet Davis Music lately, the Urban Monroes have been featured on the front page there since April 6th as one of “Derek’ s Finds.” The band is very grateful to Derek for finding them. It made being lost all the more worthwhile. In case you’re afraid you’ll be lured by one of Janet Davis’ magnificent Martins or glorious Gibsons, you can avoid temptation and read Derek’s review at the following link:

In addition to all that has gone into their releases and pending CD, The Urban Monroes’ fast-paced, highly-energetic bluegrass found itself on the “Top 40 and 200 European Bluegrass Countdown for 2012.” It’s a nice touch as 2013 gets rolling. With the new CD set for a springtime release, the band looks forward to all that the new season brings...besides hay fever.

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