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How To Grow a Band 50% Funded

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How To Grow a BandWhen the producers launched their Kickstarter Campaign last week to make a DVD and BluRay of How To Grow A Band, they never thought they would have achieved this goal so soon. They say "Thank you to everyone who's joined the campaign so far! Of course, the flip-side of being halfway there is that we still have halfway to go."

Many of you who have already backed the project have taken to Facebook, Twitter and good old-fashioned conversation to let people know about it. Thank you! This is big part of how we WILL succeed.

During production, we filmed over 150 hours of Punch Brothers starting their musical lives together. In shaping the 89-minute film, we had to make some painful decisions about what should stay and what had to go. This DVD and BluRay package will give you a kind of tour of the “best-of-the-cutting-room-floor.”

Here’s a little example. It’s a scene of Thile and Critter working out the beginnings of what would ultimately become the song “Alex.” It’s late at night -- or, more accurately, early in the morning. Circa January 2008. Downstairs the Celtic Connections festival rages on, while Chris and Chris do what they do...

DELETED SCENE - Late Night Writing from Mark Meatto on Vimeo.

The way Kickstarter works is that if we don’t reach our goal of $32,000, your pledge will be returned. But if we do reach or exceed our goal, we will be able to start creating these special DVD/BluRay packages right away. Please consider sharing, liking, tweeting, tumbling, pinning, mountaintop shouting or engaging in any other activity that will politely and exuberantly spread the word. With your support, we hope to be firing up the DVD presses soon!

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