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Bluegrass Jam Class coming to Palisade Bluegrass Festival

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Pete (Dr. Banjo) WernickDo you bring your instrument to a festival but feel shy about taking it out and actually playing with other people? You are not alone, even if it sometimes feels that way! For years I've been helping closet pickers start jamming, playing real bluegrass at slow speeds, and learning the ear skills and ensemble skills that are hard to pick up on your own. My approach has worked for so many, I am now certifying Wernick Method instructors to teach bluegrass jamming in communities nationwide.

In just a few weeks, Joe Quesenberry, a certified Wernick Method teacher, is offering a set of jam classes at a super-convenient location -- the Palisade Bluegrass & Roots Festival in Palisade, Colorado -- within driving distance of where you live. Spend some time each day learning from Joe and you will be jamming that night. In fact, there's a fair chance you'll meet some picking buddies at the class!

Joe is a very popular instructor who teaches multi-week Wernick Method classes in Grand Junction. And now he's offering a special 6-hour jam class -- one two-hour session each day of the festival! Joe is friendly, understanding, and very experienced with novices. He knows his stuff! He will show you what it takes to be a part of a bluegrass jam session, fitting in at your own ability level. You'll be jamming almost immediately, on good and easy two-chord songs!

Here's what students at Joe's recent jam classes had to say: ... I really like this teacher - he is one of the best I have ever had! ... Great teacher - would love to have again ... Joe is an amazing teacher - he works very hard to make sure that we all understand everything .... Que rocks!

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The Palisade Bluegrass & Roots Festival will be held in Palisade, CO Friday June 14 through Sunday June 16. The class will run 2-4pm on Friday and 9-11am on Saturday and Sunday.

  • All skill levels are welcome.
  • Only requirements: You must be able to change smoothly between G, C, D, and A (fiddle and bass players need to know which notes work in each chord).
  • Fast playing is not expected, nor is the ability to solo required. Mistakes expected!
  • Singing is not required, but is encouraged and taught.
  • Festival admission required

If you've ever wished you could be part of a bluegrass jam, or have friends who would like to but might need a push start, I strongly recommend this class with Joe. And if you can already jam but want to brush up on your picking and singing and meet new music buddies, you're welcome as well.

For more information about Joe's class, click here. For more information about the Wernick Bluerass Music Method, click here.

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