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How To Grow A Band is Coming to DVD & Digital

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How To Grow a BandThe project film makers are thrilled to announce that HTGAB is coming to DVD, BluRay and online Digital formats. This week launched a campaign on Kickstarter to make a DVD and BluRay of How To Grow A Band. If this campaign reaches its goal, your pledge will fund the creation of a limited-edition, two-disc set packed with bonus features not available anywhere else.

Other cool items like movie posters, T-shirts, signed memorabilia and even filmmaker-hosted screenings will also be available at various reward levels.

The way Kickstarter works is that if we don’t reach our goal of $32,000, your pledge will be returned. But if we do reach or exceed our goal, we will be able to start creating these special DVD/BluRay packages right away. Please consider sharing, liking, tweeting, tumbling, pinning, mountaintop shouting or engaging in any other activity that will politely and exuberantly spread the word. With your support, we hope to be firing up the DVD presses soon!

Starting April 23, HTGAB will become available on iTunes in the US/UK/Canada/Australia and on several other transactional digital platforms (like Amazon, Playstation, Xbox, Google Play/Youtube, Vudu). Subscription based platforms like Netflix and Hulu will follow a little later in the year.

The film makers Mark Meatto & Mike Bohlmann say, "We're excited to be bringing HTGAB to the wider world, and are forever grateful for your support!"

How To Grow A Band is an independently produced, feature-length documentary about Punch Brothers—a group of jaw-dropping musicians who set out to do something pretty daring and very awesome. Our documumentary is an intimately rendered, observational film about the early days of one of the most talented young bands on the planet. HTGAB has been completed, mixed and mastered. It has been distributed theatrically and received critical praise along the way—like being named a New York Magazine Critics’ Pick and one of Paste Magazine’s Top 10 Music Documentaries of 2012.

We have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people that have written us requesting a DVD or BluRay. So our concept is to create a high-end, limited-edition two-disc set loaded with bonus features, extras and goodies that won't be available anywhere else, all in a package so beautiful you could introduce it to mom and dad. Even if our campaign to make these DVDs/BluRays does not succeed, most of you will still have the opportunity to watch HTGAB. Beginning on April 23, the movie will roll out across digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and others) in the US/UK/Canada/Australia, followed by worldwide later in the year.

So why support this campaign if you can spend less to see the movie sooner online? Well, these DVDs/BluRays are for folks who:

  • want to go even deeper behind the scenes than the 89 minute movie will take them.
  • want an object to hold and to treasure and to come back to over time.
  • want to see their names in this package's liner notes or show their affection for this movie and this band by putting a poster on their wall, a sticker on their instrument case, a shirt on their back.
  • live outside of the US, UK, Canada or Australia and prefer not to wait for global distribution.
  • have a special someone for whom these rewards would make a perfect gift.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, check out the backer rewards on the right side of the web pageand consider joining the campaign.

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