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Learn Bluegrass Bass in California This Summer

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CBA Music Camp Felton, CA -- Aspiring bass players have an opportunity this summer to study with Lisa Burns, a four-time winner of Northern California Bluegrass Society’s Bass Player of the Year award. Burns is teaching at CBA Music Camp June 9 through 12 in Grass Valley, California.

Don’t own a bass yet? No problem. Beginning students at CBA (California Bluegrass Association) Music Camp have access to a free loaner bass. Burns’s “Level 1 Basics of Bluegrass Bass” class covers posture, technique and tone and emphasizes timing. The class is tailored to participating students, and also includes:

  • Chord progressions for a set of standard bluegrass tunes
  • Easy Bass runs and connecting chords in a variety of keys
  • Techniques for driving chord progressions and keeping the band in rhythm and in sync.

Additional information is available at

Lisa Burns has been playing and singing for as long as she can remember. She began with guitar at age 12 and found her true calling with the upright bass in 1994. Lisa performs regularly with Sidesaddle & Co., a group that was named Northern California Bluegrass Society’s Band of the Year for 2008. She has appeared on stages throughout the West, including Wintergrass in Tacoma, Washington, Strawberry Music Festival (Yosemite, California), Summergrass in San Diego, the California Bluegrass Association's popular Father's Day Festival in Grass Valley, California, the Kate Wolf Festival (Laytonville, California), and the Rawhide Bluegrass Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Burns’s recording experience includes projects with singer/songwriters Sherry Austin and Sharon Allen, San Diego-based band Last Transit, folk legend Mary McCaslin, Oregon folk singer Adam Miller, and Sidesaddle & Co. Burns’s innovative and thorough approach to teaching has been winning fans since 2007.

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