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The Spinney Brothers Release Single from Upcoming New Album

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No BordersWillis, VA -- Mountain Fever Records will release the new CD titled No Borders, by Nova Scotia, Canada natives, The Spinney Brothers, on May 7th and the first single “Grandpa’s Way of Life” hits radio today. The Brothers are considered “Canada’s International Bluegrass Band.” No Borders marks the band’s second release on the Virginia based label and is produced by well known bluegrass musician Ron Stewart, who's recognizable fiddle playing can also be heard on "Grandpa's Way of Life."

On No Borders, The Spinney Brothers insert a freshness towards and an excitement of traditional bluegrass music that is an identifying mark for their music. The first single, “Grandpa’s Way of Life” speaks right to the heart of their appreciation of those who came before them.

“'Grandpa’s Way of Life' is a real pleasure to bring to the listeners and we are so honored to have recorded it,” says Rick Spinney. “It’s a song that most all of us can relate to or have some connection with, pertinent with our Grandparent’s generation as well as the modern age of computers and cell phones of today. This is a Brink Brinkman song. Brink is one of the finest writers we have come to know,” he adds.

Amy Orlomoski, Host of WHUS Radio’s Bluegrass Café, out of the University of Connecticut is thrilled with the Spinney Brothers music and says, “After 20+ years of touring, the Spinney Brothers are on the path to becoming an "overnight success" in the world of Bluegrass. The new single - "Grandpa's Way Of Life" - does nothing to stop that momentum, and with its nostalgic theme, the song serves as a perfect complement to the Spinneys' recent #1, "Memories." Congratulations to the Spinney Brothers and Mountain Fever Records!”

“'Grandpa's Way of Life' is 80% about my grandfather,” says Brinkman. “It is focused on the hard work and values of a great generation. He made it through 8th grade but taught himself how to play music and actually played 9 months with Tommy Dorsey on trombone. He came from Norway and he always poured his coffee into a saucer and then slurped it out of the saucer. I thought he was the only one that did that but come to find that is pretty common among that generation. One of my favorite lines in the song is where I say that ‘His hands and words were like iron and could take that to the bank,’ You didn't need any signed contract...his word was his bond,” he adds.

The Spinney Brothers are comprised of Allan Spinney, Rick Spinney, Gary Dalrymple, and Darryl Hebb. Originally from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, brothers Allan and Rick debuted their band in 1992, showcasing a tight brother duet vocal style that was immediately recognized for its energetic and distinctive sound.

The cornerstone of their musical identity is their thorough understanding of traditional, southern-flavored bluegrass music. The first generation bluegrass legends have been an important musical influence, yet the Brother’s music is equally shaped by their personal lives and local heritage. By incorporating original material, which draws from various sources, the Spinney Brothers effortlessly intertwine the past with the present.

The Spinney Brothers duet singing, backed by supportive and complimentary instrumentation, is the foundation of their tasteful and recognizable sound.

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