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Monroeville New Single "So Far" Available for Download

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Monroeville2012 International Bluegrass Music Association’s Momentum Band of the Year, Monroeville's newest single, "So Far" is now available for download. Featured this last week at the New Music Showcase during the Country Radio Seminar, the all new original single, penned by Monroeville's own Eli Johnston, is a classic tale of unrequited love. Cleverly written with a fun beat, a catchy hook line, and accented with tight harmony and great musicianship, "So Far" will be anything but far from your mind.

Embracing a crossover sound between progressive bluegrass and acoustic country, Monroeville, has caught the attention of music lovers on both sides of the track. Each member is multi-instrumental, and individual members have been nominated for and or won awards from Dove, CCMA, IBMA, and or the GRAMMYS®.

At the band’s core is a belief that good music knows no boundaries. While paying homage to their roots of bluegrass and country music, Monroeville embraces that history and creates their own sound with original songwriting and arrangements that have been described as “a seamless flow through a range of musical styles and sounds, from bluegrass to country and pop”.

With original writing and musical arrangements, Monroeville seemlessly flows through a range of musical styles and sounds from bluegrass to country to pop. From performing school programs for over 12,000 students to help perserve musical heritage, to being featured at NASCAR, and main stages at Grey Fox, ROMP and Rocky grass, Monroeville is on their way to carving out a music all their own.

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