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World Wide Bluegrass DJ Geoff Morris Died Yesterday

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Geoff MorrisThe beloved DJ for World Wide Bluegrass passed away yesterday after losing his battle with cancer. The "Down Under" favorite DJ has provided hundreds of broadcasts as a volunteer for the WWB and was the webcaster's 2nd international DJ to sign on, after Terry Poirier. Geoff has visited what he lovingly called "Bluegrass America" and met many of his idols, the latest being Doc Watson, and he blogged about his travels and experiences at his website.

Geoff hailed from Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia and faithfully volunteered his time and energy to the world wide bluegrass community providing a source of entertainment unique to his perspective on his show, "Wall to Wall Bluegrass." Geoff's bluegrass DJ career began in the '70s in commercial radio prior to his transition to World Wide Bluegrass' Internet programming. It is the only Bluegrass program of its kind ever broadcast on local radio in Central Victoria, Australia.

Geoff Morris was born about the same time Bill Monroe released his Bluegrass tune "Tennessee Blues." Geoff bought his first Bluegrass record, "an LP of Charlie Moore," Geoff recalls, and he was hooked on Bluegrass music. Geoff's music background had really nothing to do with bluegrass -- he was a classical pianist. His attachment for bluegrass began after attending a folk festival in Sydney, Australia, in the late '60s.

Morris is quoted as saying, "I loved the rich, complex brilliance, yet naturalness, of this remarkable music and, of course, marveled at the wonderful close harmony singing." In recent times, he has sung in a couple of local Bluegrass groups, helped promote several very successful Bluegrass gigs and, for the past several years, hosted his weekly Bluegrass radio show.

A web page was created to help him and his family cope with the expenses of his treatments and donations may be made at

He was always a bundle of enthusiasm as he did what he loved, playing and talking about bluegrass music. Geoff was very much a part of the family since beginning to listen and taking an active DJ role. In April, 2008 Geoff celebrated his 100th show with the Internet bluegrass station.

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