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Country Cooperative Initiative Recognizes Mountain Fever Records

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Mountain Fever RecordsAs one of the younger bluegrass record labels to appear on the scene in the last few years, Mountain Fever Records has succeeded where a lot of record labels have failed. Service to the Artist. The label says, "our secret formula? It's almost the "Golden Rule" We just treat people the way they should be treated. With respect. We don't sign artists to our label just to make money from them. We are a family and we don't sign anyone that wouldn't be welcome into our homes."

They continue by elaborating on how they work, "We look first at what type people make up a a band before we even talk to them. Just being an amazing musician won't get you into our family circle unless you have a heart to go along with your other talents. Our bands work together to help out in any situation. We're family, we've got each other's back."

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The music speaks for it's self. Mountain Fever Records began signing bands back at the end of 2009. they started as a regional label and quickly followed it to a National level. The label now represents 12 groups from 7 different states and 2 countries. The label says they will be expanding to near 20 bands and as long as the great DJs keep playing their music and the fans keep buying it, they will keep to the path they are on.t be welcome into our homes. value=

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