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Urban Monroes Release New Single to Radio

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Urban MonroesOn Feb 8th the Urban Monroes released the single “Never My Love” making it available to DJ’s at Airplay Direct. With Valentine’s Day coming, love is in the air and it does seem a timely release. Though it wasn’t originally planned to coincide with the 14th, a bluegrass love song that doesn’t end up with a murder in it is a nice touch for the heart-felt holiday.

The single will also be released in March on Poetman Records’ Acoustic Rainbow Radio Sampler. “Never My Love” will be the fourth Urban Monroes cut that the label has selected to be a part of its Acoustic Rainbow series. All of this is in anticipation of the band’s new CD entitled Appaloosa Daydream, which will follow in April. To sample the song you can listen in at Reverb Nation.

As an added note to the single release, the band is proud to announce that Gentleman Jim Chatfield, host of the World Wide Bluegrass show Bluegrass in the BASSment, will be joining the band on bass for several of the final album cuts, including “Never My Love.” Jim says he plays the Urban Monroes on every one of his shows and the band has been more than honored to be a regular part of his playlist. So it is fitting to have Jim as an “honorary UM” on the bluegrass release of the Association hit. Listen in to World Wide Bluegrass not only for Jim’s show and the other great programming there, but also for an interview with Urban Monroes’ Fran Kent in the coming days.

In addition to all that has gone into their single release and pending CD, The Urban Monroes’ fast-paced, highly-energetic bluegrass found itself on the “Top 40 and 200 European Bluegrass Countdown for 2012.” It’s a nice touch as 2013 gets rolling. With the new CD set for a springtime release, the band looks forward to all that the new season brings…besides hay fever.

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