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Singularity Record & Shows Come to Cali!

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Casey DriessenThe Singularity record is finished! The other night at dinner, I was wishing that I had this record done for my first solo appearances on the west coast. And then it dawned on me - maybe I could! So, I burned the midnight oil, pulled out the remainder of my hair, and ordered up a scant 150 in simple packaging to meet me at the first show. If you or your family or friends live on the west coast, you may be in luck - come to think of it, I'll be the lucky one. For those that are not on the west coast, your time will come. The final'll be finished soon.

What began as an occasional experiment at camps, festival workshops, and during practice room shenanigans will now become the focus for Casey Driessen next year. The setup is simple: Casey + fiddle + pedal board + a mess of wires. Using recording and looping technology along with digital effects pedals, he will build arrangements and songs layer by layer in real-time for the audience. There is a wide and colorful range of sounds and textures possible from just the fiddle, and he intends to set out on a sonic adventure. You're invited to come along for the ride.

Driessen says, "A tune from my most recent Fiddle/Sticks session with Futureman is now up. Have a listen to our explorations in the perception altering infinity room - a 13x13x20 room without corners or angles anywhere. It began by Futch playing three open tuned fiddles with bamboo skewers while I explored a set of chopsticks. Then an overdub - him on cajon and gong while I switch between an octave fiddle and my 5-string fiddle. Grooves and melodies were improvised. All reverb is natural, and nearly goes to infinity..."

The next Fiddle/Sticks session is at the end of February in Oberlin, OH with world percussionist Jamey Haddad. Casey alerts us noting "I'll be live streaming my upcoming concert from the Freight & Salvage (Berkeley, CA) on Thursday, Feb. 7. Me at 9p PT, with opener JimBo Trout & the Fishpeople at 8p PT. You can purchase virtual tickets for $5 anytime RIGHT HERE.The show won't be recorded, but you can now enjoy the pleasures of entertainment and art in your pajamas." always

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