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Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers See Radio Playing My Song

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They're Playing My SongThe latest CD from Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, They're Playing My Song, has been received really well by DJs, reviewers, and fans across the country. In February, it moves up to the #9 spot on Bluegrass Unlimited's Top 15 Albums chart and the first single, "Bottom Of A Mountain" moves up to #17 on the Top 30 Songs chart! In other chart news, "Bottom Of A Mountain" is #4 on SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction's Most Played Tracks and the CD is #8 on the Most Played Albums chart.

Join WAMU's Lee Michael Demsey on Saturday, January 26th at 11:00am EST for the Bluegrass Unlimited Top 30 Countdown show that will feature an interview with Joe Mullins. Listen online at or via the iPhone app.

In addition to continuous chart action, They're Playing My Song has received several great reviews! Bluegrass Unlimited (February 2013) says "On these 14 delightfully varied cuts, Mullins (who plays banjo and sings lead and tenor vocals on various tracks) and his four bandmates—Mike Terry on mandolin and lead and baritone vocals, Adam McIntosh on guitar and lead and baritone vocals, Evan McGregor on fiddle and lead and baritone vocals, and Tim Kidd on bass and snare drum—once again prove to be savvy musicians with a fine ear for great songs."

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers received an exciting and early Christmas last year with the news that the band's latest music on Rebel Records hit the top of not one, but two charts! The new CD, They're Playing My Song, was December's #1 CD on SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction's Most Played Albums chart. Bluegrass Today's Top 20 Songs chart for the week of December 7th put the CD's first single, "Bottom Of A Mountain" at #1.

There are almost as many ways to pay tribute to bluegrass tradition as there are bands to do it, but none honor it in more ways, with deeper knowledge of or with more passion for the legacy left by the music’s pioneers than Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers. And with this new release of They’re Playing My Song, the quintet serves up a set that shines a spotlight squarely on the many strengths that have made them one of the fastest rising and most widely acclaimed groups on the contemporary bluegrass scene.

An essential part of what makes the Radio Ramblers such powerful performers is the way that their appreciation for bluegrass history is filtered through their strong sense of home, and the rich legacy of the bluegrass community of their Ohio—Kentucky—Indiana area home base. You can hear it in their beautifully constructed—and even more beautifully rendered—tribute to Dayton’s Osborne Brothers and the tasty covers of local mandolin legend Dorsey Harvey (“Cruisin’ Timber”) and Dave Evans (“When The Snow Falls On My Foggy Mountain Home”), but it resides, too, in their recap of Jim & Jesse’s “She Left Me Standing On The Mountain”, and in their resurrection of “Lily,” a song from the Boys From The Indiana, a group which was essentially born in the radio studio of Joe’s father, the late Paul “Moon” Mullins. And, of course, there’s the closing live recording of “Katy Daley,” written by Moon and permanently planted in the music's core repertoire by one of Joe's mentors, Ralph Stanley.

With strong new originals by three of the group’s members—Mullins ("A Blue Million Tears"), guitarist Adam McIntosh ("Grandad, The Preacher") and mandolin player Mike Terry ("Our Old Kentucky Home")—They’re Playing My Song offers convincing evidence that the quintet is intent on making its own contribution to the tradition. And while Mullins’ stout tenor can surely sound as high and as lonesome as the most hidebound traditionalist could wish, the Radio Ramblers can also rely on McIntosh’s warm baritone and Terry’s vocal versatility for a multi-dimensional approach to singing that finds the perfect blend for each number—while on the instrumental side, there’s more than enough virtuosity to go around, anchored by Tim Kidd’s reliable bass and Evan McGregor’s tasteful fiddling. They're Playing Our Song is a well-thought out listening experience, no matter the mood or the weather, for any and every listener.

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