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On-Air Benefit for Geoff Morris to Commence Today, Dec 31 through Jan 5

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Geoff MorrisKnown for quite some time now as the World Wide Bluegrass' (WWB) single broadcaster hailing from the land "down under" the station's beloved DJ Geoff Morris, has been diagnosed with cancer of the sinus cavities (and beyond) . He is about to begin a regimented treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. With his permission, and gratitude, the WWB has decided to host a week long benefit for Geoff, "On-Air" where the station will be spinning songs for encouragement for his long hard battle against cancer that he must fight ahead.

Below are his words to Gracie best explaining his condition, with his permissions granted to use them. The benefit online is to start December 31, 2012 - January 5, 2013!! Ring the bell for our new year to begin and for our beloved Geoff Morris ....the down under WWB DJ... And show him the bluegrass love!

"Dear Gracie,

Thank you for your very kind letter; I'm entirely happy for people to know about what's happening with me as it isn't something to be shied away from or spoken about in whispers, etc. Dave Blood has contacted me to ask if I would write to you giving my permission to do whatever it may be you have in mind in terms of some sort of fund-raiser, about which, to be honest, I'm hugely overwhelmed; anyway, whatever you wish to do, feel free to go ahead. Thank you.

I have a malignant tumor running from the sinus cavity on the right side of my face up and into my head and entering the brain structure hence the need for immediate and high dosage radiotherapy, thirty treatments in all, commencing next Wednesday January 2nd. I should be back home each week-end so will definitely be able to keep in touch but my show coming up this New year's Eve your time looks likely to be my last for perhaps six or eight weeks, something like that. It is undoubtedly true that staying in Melbourne for six weeks will be much more expensive than living or having the treatment from home.

I confess to you that the thought of people actually donating to me is one which has never, til you mentioned it, crossed my mind at all. I may have to set up my pay pal account again and this could take a good few days but if you like I can let you know when it's actually active.

Your prayers and kind thoughts are very much appreciated; hope your Christmas is or was a lovely one as indeed ours was here.


Geoff Morrois has provided hundreds of broadcasts as a volunteer for the WWB and was the webcaster's 2nd international DJ to sign on, after Terry Poirier. Geoff has visited what he lovingly called "Bluegrass America" and met many of his idols, the latest being Doc Watson, and he blogged about his travels and experiences at his website.

If you wish to help a friend in need, Geoff would not only be amazed but grateful, as his expenses during his stay in Melbourne, are not covered by any insurance plan of any type. This will be a rough time of treatment for our dear friend. If you would choose to make a donation in his behalf directly to him - you may do so, at the following address:

Geoff Morris
1/23 Oak Street,
Eaglehawk 3556

Geoff is a wonderful host and you can tune into his show "live" from Australia, this New Year's Eve, the evening the benefit begins online and, On-Air which will be hist last broadcast for a couple of months, or until he is recovered from his treatment.

You can read more on Geoff here:

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