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Czech Republic's G-runs 'n Roses Prepares for 2013 with New Line-up

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G-runs 'n RosesG-runs 'n Roses tested the chemistry this year with their new line-up and the mix is ready for the 2013 season. The bluegrass music group from Europe is also working on a new CD due in April. The new project will include at least six original songs. Along with the new album, the band will offer their first video clip and a new website.

G-runs 'n Roses: Upon hearing the name, you might expect a bunch of rough guys with tattoos and long hair, but the picture does not confirm your assumption. Luckily, these lads have other aces to pull out of their sleeves.

G-runs 'n Roses are a young and energetic bluegrass band from the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe. They play both original and existing songs with a strong focus on solid rhythm and tight vocal harmonies. This is complemented with fancy instrumental solos and incorporated into elegant arrangements. However youthful their music may be, tasteful it shall remain, and the band retains a deep respect for traditional bluegrass music.

The band was formed in July 2006 and has performed in the current line-up since November 2007. Their first CD "Learning To Fly" was released in the spring of 2008 and received enthusiastic reviews in the major European bluegrass magazines.

The philosophy of G-runs 'n Roses is, that if the band members are having fun, it shouldn’t be hard to share that fun with the audience. The result is a relaxed atmosphere, which gives every individual member enough space to add his own individual touch to the group’s music. Interaction with the audience is a key-element of any successful performance and the group will adapt itself to entertain audiences regardless of age or background.

The new line-up sees founding member and guitarist Ralph Schut moving to the position of banjo player for the group, which leaves him highly motivated to fill the mighty big shoes of Michal Wawrzyczek, who left the band to pursue his own musical dream. Ralph Schut now accomodates banjo, guitar & vocals, Martin Burza performs on the fiddle & vocals, Milan Marek picks mandolin & vocals, Ondra Kozák (web) contributes on guitar, fiddle & vocals, and Tomáš Kubín handles the upright bass.

G-runs 'n Roses released their debut album in the spring of 2008. It features three originals by Ralph Schut as well as a varied selection of songs by American songwriters ranging from Ernest Tubb through Gram Parsons to more contemporary bluegrass writers such as Chris Jones and Ron Rigsby. The album was well received by fans across Europe and has earned very positive reviews. This album features G-runs 'n Roses with special guests Peter Mečiar on pedal steel guitar and fiddle players Michal Kováč and Lee Bidgood.

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