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Ring in the New Year With Bluegrass Legend Del McCoury and Keller Williams

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Del McCoury BandDel and the Boys are throwing down in their hometown of Nashville with good friend and musical chameleon Keller Williams to send out 2012 with a good ‘ol hoedown. For 50 years, Del has been a staple of the bluegrass music scene, bringing his sons Ronnie and Rob into the fold in the 80’s to keep the family’s musical legacy firmly planted. Recent collaborators on the new album “Pick”, Keller Williams and the Travelin’ McCourys will get things warmed up before the Del McCoury Band takes the stage to finish the year up right. Getcha’ bluegrass stomp on at Marathon Music Works and boogie into 2013 right!

Vince Gill says it simply, and maybe best: "I'd rather hear Del McCoury sing 'Are You Teasing Me' than just about anything."For fifty years, Del's music has defined authenticity for hard core bluegrass fans-count Gill among them- as well as a growing number of fans among those only vaguely familiar with the genre. And while the fifty year milestone is an opportunity to look back on a unique legacy, it's also one that Del McCoury's rolling past with a wave and a grin and some of the best music he's ever made.

"It gives hope to everybody-fifty years is a long time to be playing music in any field,"says another fan, Elvis Costello. "But to keep the purity that you need to do this kind of music, and the drive and the energy... takes a special kind of guy.

"And indeed, McCoury is something special, a living link to the days when bluegrass was made only in hillbilly honkytonks, schoolhouse shows and on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, yet also a commandingly vital presence today, from prime time and late night talk show TV to music festivals where audiences number in the hundreds of thousands.

"Here's a guy who has been playing for fifty years, and he's still experimenting-still looking to do things outside the box, to bring other kinds of music into bluegrass form,"says Americana music icon Richard Thompson, who saw his "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"turned into a bluegrass standard when McCoury brought it into the fold. "I think that's the best bluegrass band, period. That's it."

Keller Williams is known as one of the most innovative solo singer/songwriters of this generation. What happens when the two join forces? The live stage may never be the same. Brought together by equal parts mutual admiration and the desire to change the musical landscape while staying true to their roots, The Travelin’ McCourys and Keller Williams are a perfect - albeit unexpected - fit.

The two have a lot in common after all: their high energy, ever-evolving live shows, their individual playing prowess and their strong and unique song writing skills. Fans are most used to seeing Keller sans a band - just him and a guitar with or without his signature live looping technique. For Keller Williams with The Travelin' McCourys, fans will see Keller playing his music with one of the best live bands on the touring circuit.

McCoury fans, used to seeing the boys tour with Del in the lead, will now get to see them playing their songs with Keller on guitar. It’s a perfect marriage of instrumental virtuosos, memorable songwriting, infectious musical camaraderie, and undeniable energy. And with both acts known to bring epic and spontaneous live collaborations to theaters and festivals across America – Keller Williams with The Travelin' McCourys will take this collaborative spirit one step further, promising to bring something fresh and unexpected to the live stage.

Catch Del, the Boys and Keller Williams Monday, December 31 at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee. Doors open at 7 and the show begins at 8. Ring in the new year with bluegrass and more as you say good bye to 2012. alt=

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