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David Grisman's Acoustic Oasis Releases “Hi-Def Bluegrass Compilation”

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Hi-Def Bluegrass CompilationDavid Grisman's Acoustic Oasis Released HiDef Bluegrass is releasing of their Hi-Def Bluegrass Compilation, the second in a series of releases utilizing the highest quality sound format available (24 bit, 96khz). The first release, Firt Time Together featured David Griman, Martin Taylor and Frank Vignola.

This new bluegrass collection includes five previously unissued tracks, Ralph Stanley's classic "Man of Constant Sorrow," Old & In The Way's "Home Is Where the Heart Is" and a unique version of "Two Different Worlds" featuring Red Allen singing a duet with himself!

Traditional bluegrass fans will also enjoy selections and alternate takes featuring Tony Rice, Jerry Garcia, Curly Seckler, David Grisman, and Del and Ronnie McCoury.

Hi-Def Bluegrass is a sonically superior treat for fans of bluegrass music — noticeably richer and closer to the sound of the original analog masters than CD versions.

The tracks include:

  1. "Reuben" - David Grisman Bluegrass Experience
  2. "Late Last Night" - The Bluegrass Quintet
  3. "The Fields Have Turned Brown" - Jerry Garcia with The Bluegrass Reunion Band*
  4. "Dawggy Mt. Breakdown" - David Grisman Quintet with Herb Pedersen
  5. "Man of Constant Sorrow" - Ralph Stanley & David Grisman
  6. "Unwanted Love" - David Grisman & Del McCoury
  7. "Hartford's Real" - David Grisman & Sam Bush
  8. "We Live in Two Different Worlds" - Red Allen
  9. "McCoury Blues" - Ronnie & Del McCoury*
  10. "The Martha White Theme" - Tony Rice & Curly Seckler
  11. "Home is Where The Heart Is" - Old & In The Way
  12. "My Dear Old Southern Home" - Doc Watson & David Grisman
  13. "Wayfaring Stranger" - David Grisman*
  14. "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold" - McCoury, Pedersen, Grisman*

* Previously unissued and/or alternate take

The album is available at at Acoustic Oasis and there are also two Hi-Def samples avaiable at this link.

Acoustic Oasis has also released Del and Dawg - Hardcore Bluegrass in the Dawg House Earlier in 2012. The Cybergrass article is here.

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