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Farm Hands’ Tim Graves and Bus Featured in Major Motion Picture

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Tim GravesNashville, TN -- Bluegrass music artist, The Farm Hands’ Tim Graves, is driving his bus to the silver screen! Tim’s classic MCI tour bus is being used as part of a major motion picture currently being filmed in Tennessee. The movie, titled The Identical, which stars Ray Liotta (Field of Dreams), Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy), Seth Green (The Italian Job), and Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix) is a rock-n-roll drama that follows the path of a musical family from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Tim’s fully restored 1972 MCI bus was selected for use in the movie because of its immaculate condition and period correctness. “I’ve had this bus a long time and it’s been a hobby of mine restoring it,” said Tim. “They needed an early 1970’s bus that still looked new and saw a picture of mine online. They came to see it in person and said it was perfect. The movie company added a logo to the side of the bus and a few minor cosmetic improvements to the interior, but that's it."

Tim himself filmed several scenes in the movie as the driver of the bus, but he says he’s not ready to move to Hollywood just yet. “It was a fun experience,” Tim said. “The actors and crew were great to work with and it was exciting to see how a movie comes together. But I think I’ll stick to playing bluegrass!”

The movie is scheduled for a Fall of 2013 release. For more information about “The Identical”, you can see their website at

Growing up in the rural South, there are a few things you can count on. Long hot summers, cold sweet tea, church on Sunday, and great music. But there is no music that captures the joy and satisfaction of a Sunday in the south like Bluegrass Music. Warm, ringing acoustic instruments and voices blending together creating a musical energy like no other. But regardless of where you are, you can be musically transported to a time of 'all-day singings and dinner on the ground' when you hear the fabulous Farm Hands Bluegrass Quartet.

The Farm Hands bring together four talented singers and musicians into one of the most exciting groups in bluegrass and gospel music. The group features two long time veterans of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, Daryl Mosley and Tim Graves.

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