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Sunlite Radio to Air Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio Show 24/7 On Demand

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Bill GaitherBill and Gloria Gaither have performed before hundreds of thousands of Gospel Music fans for over forty years, in concert, and on radio and television. Sunlite Radio, one of the oldest internet-only Christian Radio Networks is pleased to announce that it is now airing one of the most listened to radio programs in the history of Southern Gospel music, Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio Show.

A few years ago, following the suggestion of producer Phil Brower, Bill Gaither agreed to the launch of a new one hour Southern Gospel Music Radio Show called Homecoming Radio. Each one hour show features the music from the Gaither Homecoming TV series which is well known to lovers of Gospel and Southern Gospel Music.

Gaither is joined in the studio by Mark Lowry, Kevin Williams and Tori Taff. Along with the Gospel Music, there are behind the scenes interviews with the artists themselves. It makes for an inspirational and highly entertaining program which already is heard on over a thousand radio stations around the world.

Sunlite Radio, which began broadcasting Homecoming Radio on November 7, through an agreement with the Gaither organization, brings an added benefit to fans of Homecoming Radio and Gospel Music.

Since 1997 Sunlite Radio has featured thousands of hours of Gospel music in many Genres including Southern Gospel Music. Unlike regular radio which would feature Homecoming Radio at a specific time and day, this program like the others can be heard around the world "On Demand", that is any time, 24/7 all day every day.

With listeners in over 182 countries around the world listeners from Chicago to
New Delhi, India can hear the broadcast at their convenience.

Sunlite Radio also features other "niche" programming including Classic Country Music, Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel, and even a Blues Show featuring host Allan Winters and his sidekick, "The Bluesman, Johnny C", called Windy City Blues, which is taped at the Sunlite Broadcasting Studios in Chicago.

Sunlite Broadcasting President, Allan Winters, says he is extremely pleased to add such a quality and vibrant musical programming addition to its roster of shows.

Listeners can hear the broadcast now by going to the sunlite radio website

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