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Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper Support Tornado Victims Benefit

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Michael Cleveland and FlamekeeperCharlestown, IN -- Award winning bluegrass music artists Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper will lend support to their neighbors who were effected by the tornados that hit Indiana in March of this year when they perform for the Henryville Tornado Relief Concert this Saturday, November 10th.

The town of Henryville, Indiana made national news on March 2nd when an EF4 tornado devastated the small community. According to the The Washington Post, the tornado stayed on the ground for 50 miles and reached winds of 170mph, kiling 14 people in Henryville and leaving thousands without a home. After months of rebuilding, the area is still feeling the effects of the storms and a concert has been scheduled to lend support to the victims.

The Henryville Tornado Relief Concert will feature several bands with Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper headlining the event. Cleveland and his band all live within a few miles of the effected area and are honored to be able to participate. "When these storms hit, we were all effected in some way," states Cleveland. "But when we heard that an entire community was destroyed, it just broke our hearts.

We are happy to help in any way that we can." Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper will perform on November 10th beginning at 8:00pm EST but the day-long event begins at 1:00pm and features performances by a total of nine bands plus special guests. The event will be held at the Safe Harbor Christian Church located at 3002 Murphy Road, Memphis, Indiana. Tickets are only $10. For more information on the event including a complete performance schedule, please visit

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