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28th Annual Eastern Canada Bluegrass Music Awards October 20

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Eastern Canada Bluegrass Music AwardsIt seems to be the time of the year for numerous bluegrass music awards. The International Bluegrass Music Association just completed their awards and now, our neighbors to the north will be holding one of their award ceremonies on October 20, 2012 as the 28th Eastern Canada Bluegrass Music Awards takes place.

The Eastern Canada Bluegrass Music Awards were born in 1985 when a bluegrass magazine from Ontario decided this would be a great way to celebrate Bluegrass Music. At that time all the folks who voted were subscribers of the magazine. The Downeast Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Society was contacted to arrange a show consisting of 10 of the Maritime’s top bands. The magazine looked after the awards and presentations.

Master Awards are given when winners in any category have won 5 times, they then become no longer eligible for that particular award. The Downeast Society presents a Fan of the Year award each year which is chosen by a committee appointed by the Society from submissions received from various Bluegrass Associations. The Society adopts at least one Lifetime Member each year, also chosen by a committee appointed by the Society for outstanding contribution to the Society, their home Association and Bluegrass in general.

The Downeast Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Society is pleased to announce the nominees for
the 28th Annual Eastern Canada Bluegrass Music Awards (in alphabetical order):

  • Banjo Player of the Year:
    • Ryan Dillman (Shadow River)
    • Kyle Doucet (Mountain River)
    • Darren Richard (Bluegrass Tradition)
  • Bass Player of the Year:
    • Karen Decoste (Bluegrass Tradition)
    • Brian Hazlett (Shadow River)
    • Terry Mumford (A New Shade Of Blue)
  • Dobro Player of the Year:
    • George Grant
    • Dan Fraser
    • Doug Proctor
  • Fiddle Player of the Year:
    • Megan Isenor (Megan Isenor & Connections)
    • Lukas Munroe (Blue Tie Affair)
    • Eddy Poirier (Poirier Family Band / Janet McGarry & Wildwood)
  • Guitar Player of the Year:
    • Kyle Doucet (Mountain River)
    • Todd Maccumber (A New Shade Of Blue)
    • Jeff Nauss (Eight Wheel Drive)
  • Mandolin Player of the Year:
    • Daniel Lewis (Mountain River)
    • Doug Proctor (Shadow River)
    • Dean Simm (A New Shade Of Blue)
  • Male Vocalist of the Year:
    • David Doyle (Shadow River)
    • Dean Simm (A New Shade Of Blue)
    • Glen Williams (Eight Wheel Drive)
  • Female Vocalist of the Year*:
    • Karen Decoste (Bluegrass Tradition)
    • Roxeen Roberts (Blue Tie Affair)
    • Allison Simm (A New Shade Of Blue)
    • Christal Thibault (New Ground)
  • Individual Entertainer of the Year:
    • Serge Bernard (Janet McGarry & Wildwood)
    • Darren Richard (Bluegrass Tradition)
    • Doug Proctor (Shadow River)
  • Vocal Group of the Year:
    • Bluegrass Tradition
    • Mountain River
    • Shadow River
  • Gospel Performance of the Year*:
    • Bluegrass Tradition
    • Close to Home
    • Janet McGarry & Wildwood
    • Mountain River
  • Most Promising Band of the Year:
    • Eight Wheel Drive
    • Mountain River
  • Band of the Year:
    • A New Shade Of Blue
    • Bluegrass Tradition
    • Shadow River
  • Recording of the Year:
    • A New Shade of Blue
    • Janet McGarry
    • Joe Casey & Westwind
  • Composer of the Year:
    • Trevor Boutillier
    • Ryan Dillman
    • Laura Lee Jennex
  • Promoter of the Year:
    • Danisha Comeau
    • Anne-Marie & Maurice Melanson
    • Jerry Murphy
  • Emcee of the Year:
    • Ken Edwards
    • Wilson Moore
    • Bob Sharples
  • Radio / TV DJ of the Year:
    • Wayne Dugas – Vive la bluegrass (CIFA 104.1 FM Saulnierville)
    • Charlie Hansen – Bluegrass Island (CFCY 99.5 FM Charlottetown)
    • Wilson Moore – The Bluegrass Jam (CFTA 107.9 FM Amherst / CHMA 106.9 FMSackville)

Congratulations to all nominees! Good luck, and see you on October 20th!
*Categories receiving four nominations is a result of a tie within the top three placements.

Ticket Information: All tickets are reserved seating. Advance tickets are $12.00 and are on sale at all TicketPro outlets across the Maritimes, on line at or by calling 1-888-311-9090 to reserve by credit card. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door, $14.00 each subject to availability.

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