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Walnut Valley Festival Instrument Competition Winners Announced

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Walnut Valley FestivalThe Walnut Valley Festival is over. The flags and tents are coming down. The various instrument competitions are finally over and the winners have been announced. Walnut Valley Festival offers attendees great entertainment and artists but, its probably the most famous for its various national and international instrument championships. Many of those competitions focus on the very instruments found in bluegrass music. Banjo, Flat Pick Guitar, Mandolin, Old-Time Fiddle and more attract musicians from around the globe to compete for the various awards.

2012 featured the traditional instruments of Mandolin, Banjko, Flat-Pick and Finger-Style Guitar, Dulcimer and Hammer Dulcimer, Old-Time Fiddle and Autoharp. The Finger-Style Guitar is an International championship and the Fiddle and Autoharp are Walnut Valley competitions. The remainder constitute the National Championships.

Many of today's top bluegrass artists received early recognition at Walnut Valley, often referred to as just Winfield, for the community of Winfield, Kansas where the the festival takes place. Several "big name" artists today (Mark O'Connor, Alison Krauss, Chris Thile, Peter Ostroushko, to name a few) can point to being a "Winfield winner" in their earlier years.

This year's championships winners are:

  • National Mandolin Championships
    • 1st Place Winner: Jacob Joliff
      City/State/Zip: Newberg, OR 97132
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Weber Fern “F” Mandolin provided by Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments by Sound to Earth Ltd. of Manhattan, MT
    • 2nd Place Winner: Andrew Hatfield
      City/State/Zip: Peoria, IL 61604
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Clark F5 Mandolin provided by Clark Mandolins of Boise, ID
    • 3rd Place Winner: Gordon Neidinger
      City/State/Zip: Pittsburg. PA 15202
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Collings MF Custom Mandolin provided by Collings Guitars, Inc of Austin, TX
  • National Bluegrass Banjo Championships
    • 1st Place Winner: Gary Davis
      City/State/Zip: Knoxville, TN 37290
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Ome Southern Cross HG50 Banjo provided by Ome Banjos of Boulder, CO
    • 2nd Place Winner: Kyle Tuttle
      City/State/Zip: Nashville, TN 37115
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Gold Plated Deering Deluxe Banjo provided by Deering Banjo Company of Spring Valley, CA
    • 3rd Place Winner: William Cockman
      City/State/Zip: Sherrills Ford, NC 28673
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Deering Eagle II Banjo provided by Deering Banjo Company of Spring Valley, CA
  • National Guitar Flat Pick Championships
    • 1st Place Winner: Roy Curry
      City/State/Zip: Chattanooga, TN 37415
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Collings Winfield Model Mahogany/Adirondack Spruce Guitar provided by Collings Guitars Inc of Austin, TX
    • 2nd Place Winner: Allen Shadd
      City/State/Zip: Lake Wylie, SC 29710
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Martin Dan Tyminski D-28 Signature Guitar provided by C.F. Martin & Co. of Nazareth, PA
    • 3rd Place Winner: Adam Wright
      City/State/Zip: Goodlettsville, TN
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Gallagher Jim Hurst Model Signature Guitar provided by J.W. Gallagher & Son of Wartrace, TN
  • National Hammer Dulcimer Championships
    • 1st Place Winner: Matthew Dickerson
      City/State/Zip: New Lebonon, OH 45345
      Prize Instrument Selected: A Custom Engraved Master Works Russell Cook Edition 16/16c Hammered Dulcimer provided by Master Works of Bennington, OK
    • 2nd Place Winner: Nate Pultorak
      City/State/Zip: Joliet, IL 60435
      Prize Instrument Selected: A Cloud Nine Model 17/16/8 Hammer Dulcimer provided by Michael C. Allen Cloud Nine Musical Instruments of Ostrander, OH
    • 3rd Place Winner: Tina Gugeler
      City/State/Zip: Erie, CO 80516
      Prize Instrument Selected: A Huddelson UL400C Chromatic Hammer Dulcimer presented by Mike Huddleson Stringed Instruments of Wichita, KS
  • Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championships
    • 1st Place Winner: Andrew Wilson
      City/State/Zip: Spokane Valley, WA 99206
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Emmanuel WIlfer Fiddle represented by Beautiful Music Violin Shop of Lawrence, KS
    • 2nd Place Winner: Roger Netherton
      City/State/Zip: St. Louis, MO 63141
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Mark Wilcox provided by Mark Wilcox Violins of Marion, KS
    • 3rd Place Winner: Hannah Farnum
      City/State/Zip: Galena, MO
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Gama Elite Stradivari Birdsey Fiddle represented by Beautiful Music Violin Shop of Lawrence, KS
  • National Mountain Dulcimer Championships
    • 1st Place Winner: Sarah Morgan
      City/State/Zip: Sharps Chapel, TN 37866
      Prize Instrument Selected: The 6FHWSB Mountain Dulcimer provided by The Dulcimer Shoppe/McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers of Mountain View, AR
    • 2nd Place Winner: Jeff Hames
      City/State/Zip: Madison, MS 39110
      Prize Instrument Selected: The 4FHKK Custom Mountain Dulcimer provided by The Dulcimer Shoppe/McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers of Mountain View, AR
    • 3rd Place Winner: Michael Shull
      City/State/Zip: West Columbia, SC
      Prize Instrument Selected: The 4FGCR Mountain dulcimer provided by The Dulcimer Shoppe/McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers of Mountain View, AR
  • International Finger Style Guitar Championships
    • 1st Place Winner: Adam Gardino
      City/State/Zip: Colorado Springs, CO 80907
      Prize Instrument Selected: The Taylor 714ce Guitar provided by Taylor Guitars Inc of ElCajon, CA
    • 2nd Place Winner: Shuhei Nishino
      City/State/Zip: Kitakyashu, Japan 804-0041
      Prize Instrument Selected: A Triggs Flattop Acoustic Guitar provided by Jim & Ryan Tiggs of Lawrence, KS
    • 3rd Place Winner: Maxwell Hughes
      City/State/Zip: Ft Collins, CO 80521
      Prize Instrument Selected: A Larrivee LV10E Delux Guitar provided by Jean Larrivee Guitars USA Inc of Oxnard, CA
  • Autoharp Winners
    • 1st Place Winner: Michael Stanwood
      City/State/Zip: Lafayette, CO 80026
      Prize Instrument Selected: dAigle Cascade Super Single Key D Autoharp provided by Pete Daigle of Seatac, WA
    • 2nd Place Winner: Doug Pratt
      City/State/Zip: Cary, NC 27511
      Prize Instrument Selected: An Evoharp Legacy 21 provided by The Dulcimer Shoppe/McSpadden of Mountain View, AR
    • 3rd Place Winner: Tina Louise Barr
      City/State/Zip: Modesto, CA 95350
      Prize Instrument Selected: An Oscar Schmidt OS45CE provided by Oscar Schmidt Washburn International of Mundelein, IL

Congratulations to all the winners and competitors. This is a stiff competition and the artists have to be on top of their instrument and in great form to win. Walnut Valley always highlights the best each year.

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