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Banjo Piranha - Collect as Many Banjos as You Can

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Banjo PiranhaLondon - Sauce Digital announces Banjo Piranha, their latest game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The game will launch in early September at a price of $0.99. Banjo Piranha is a physics arcade game that puts the player in control of Banjo, the vegetarian piranha with a fondness for, well, banjos.

All those bluegrass and country music fans out there who love a bit of the old banjo, how does the idea of an iOS game featuring a vegetarian piranha called Banjo, who likes to collect banjos (obsessed much?!) sound to you? Well, it sounds just about silly enough to work, if you ask me!

The game comes from Sauce Digital over in the UK, and judging by the trailer, it's a right giggle and then some. Due to launch this September, the arcade physics game sees the player controlling Banjo as he swims around and leaps high into the air in order to collect as many banjos as he can lay his teeth on, at the same time chomping down on all the fruit and veg he can find.

Unfortunately, Banjo's idyllic lifestyle is ruined by hordes of angry enemy piranhas, who are most definitely not vegetarian, and who all want to take a bite out of lil' Banjo. The universal iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app features 50+ stages of increasing difficulty, lots of ace banjo music on the soundtrack (of course!), as well as saved personal best stats for score, stages completed, banjos collected, biggest air and longest survival.

Players swim around progressively more difficult stages, diving deep and jumping into the air, to collect as many banjos as they can, to score as highly as possible. While doing this they also have to eat all the fruit and veg they can find, to progress to the next stage.

But they shouldn't leave it too long before munching on the food! There are other piranhas chasing them, and they will get hungrier and hungrier and faster and faster. If Banjo gets eaten, it's game over.

Game Features:

  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad

  • Gorgeous retina graphics

  • Fab audio and great music

  • 50+ stages of increasing difficulty

  • Angry enemy piranhas

  • Personal bests saved for; score, stages completed, banjos collected, biggest air and longest survival.

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