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Five Bluegrass Music Bands Sign with Deep River Management

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John Lockaby and Darren BeachleyDeep River Management is making a quick impact in the industry and is putting together a stellar lineup. Owners John Lockaby and Laura Ridge had a goal of having eight bands on board by the end of year, but had no idea that they would already have five bands on board within just a few weeks. John said “We were going to be patient and see who was out there that could use our services, but when these caliber of bands come along you have no choice but to act upon it”. The five bands are The Darren Beachley Band, Constant Change, Travers Chandler & Avery County, Mountain Faith, and Shannon Slaughter & CountyClare.

The Darren Beachley Band makes their home in Brunswick, MD. Darren has one of the most impressive voices in all of Bluegrass music. Darren has had many combinations of his own bands through the years, but was most recognized as the lead singer for Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver for four years. His band is made up of award winning musicians and singers Greg Luck, Shayne Bartley, Elmer Burchett, and Marshall Wilborn.

Darren is quoted as saying " I have known John Lockaby for a number of years, Reaching back to my time with Doyle Lawson. John would put on shows, and always did an excellent job. As road manager with DL&Q I would deal with John one on one and found him to be as professional as they get, and trustworthy. Those two things speak volumes to me. All the guys in the group look forward to a great working relationship with Deep River" 

Constant Change is a traditional bluegrass band from Burlington, N.C. After 10 years of playing together and four albums, these guys are as tight and professional as it gets. The band has graduated from playing local gigs to touring up and down the East coast. Constant Change is poised to burst upon the national scene as one of the hottest “new-traditional” bands around!

Band Member Clifton Preddy said about Laura Ridge, "The entire band has known Laura for many years and considers her a good friend.  She grew up in bluegrass music as her father, Johnny Ridge, is a well-known bluegrass musician and a mentor to Constant Change as well as many others.  She is well-versed in the music, bands, and general environment that makes the bluegrass genre so unique.  Her love of artistry, (she is also an outstanding photographer), combined with her familiarity of all things bluegrass, general business sense, and work ethic makes it a "no-brainer" for her to extend her involvement into the booking and promotion end of the business.  When you take all of those attributes into account and then join them with the Deep River team, it makes for a very nice partnership.  We look forward to growing our relationship with Laura and Deep River and feel very positive about the future together."

Travers Chandler & Avery County from Galax, VA, stands ready to take their place in the bluegrass world as interpreters and progenitors of all that is old school in the music. Striving to please both the hardened traditionalist and to leave a footprint in the younger generation’s new acoustic scene, this band has begun to command attention. Travers in three short years has traveled all over the country and beyond. Many consider Travers Chandler & Avery County not only to be one of the most fun bands around but consider them to be one of the hardest working bands. This says a lot for this great band!!

Mountain Faith is an award winning band out of Sylva, N.C. Most recently Mountain Faith has one the September B.O.R.N. Award and won the Singing News, Front Porch Fellowship, Horizon Band Award. This family band loves singing Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel and they do it very well. These guys are destined for success with the right combination of voice and instrumentation.

Band Leader and father of the group, Sam McMahan said “When looking for a company to represent us we wanted to find someone with the same ethics and values that we try to uphold. We believe Deep River exceeds those and together we have formed a team that will give 100 % effort to honesty and integrity at all times.”

Shannon Slaughter & CountyClare from Trussville, Al, is a high-energy bluegrass band featuring a collection of talented musicians and vocalists who share a love for traditional and contemporary bluegrass and country music. Shannon has been a sturdy sideman for such bands as Lost and Found, Larry Stephenson Band, Lonesome River Band, and Lou Reid & Carolina. He has been well schooled in how to be a band leader, and with his tremendous voice accompanied by his wives equally beautiful voice, it is definitely time for the Sideman to step out!!

Shannon said “Heather and I are excited to announce a partnership with Deep River Management.  John has made it abundantly clear to us how much he believed in us and our music. We believe that bluegrass is a people driven business and Deep River Management is made up of great people who care about the preservation of this unique genre of music.  We look forward to working with John and Laura in bringing our brand of music to as many fans as possible.”

For Information about Deep River management or any of these bands please contact: John Lockaby or Laura Ridge via their web site at

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