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To Carry or Not To Carry? Once Burned, Twice Learned

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Bob CherryCybergrass is known for carrying accurate and relevant information about bluegrass music but, every now and then, somebody attempts to take advantage of us and the exposure we offer. A few years ago, that is exactly what happened. We received numerous conflicting news items from competing parties and we set out to verify who was telling the truth and who was not. It turns out that one party was feeding us a lot of press releases that were all determined to be false in content. The opposing party was being amazingly neutral and honest.

Recently, we have received a lot of press releases from the party that sent us the bogus ones before. Do we take a chance and trust them? Unfortunately, that won't happen until the content can be verified and, frankly, right now, I just don't have the time to chase down the details to see if these recent press releases are true or fiction.

We received a lot of press releases and almost all of them from credible press agents. There are also some that come from the party involved under a variety of disguises. These recent ones are such a case. Their content hasn't been vetted by a third party. We are left to trust what they sent us is true, honest and neutral. Normally that would be an easy thing to do but, not in this instance.

"Once Burned -- Twice Learned" is the lesson here. The party repeatedly and intentionally burned us before. When challenged on what we had been sent, they lied to us again. When we checked with the third party involved, they denied all the content of the press releases. So, here we have an individual that repeatedly tried to use Cybergrass to carry false and misleading information and now, they expect us to trust what they are sending us is honest and true.

Cybergrass recognized the earlier problem. We wrote the facts and truth while highlighting the wrongful statements made. The noise stopped. We had not heard from this party for years. In the past 2 months, the person has resurfaced.

Trust is something that is earned and not taken for granted. The lessons of the past are not forgotten. Now, years later, I am expected to trust what we get as being factual and honest from the party that unethically attempted to use us before. Sadly, I cannot. Because I cannot trust the content, I cannot publish it either. If I get the time to chase down the facts and verify them, I may run an article but, today, I have much higher priorities and limited time resources. His press releases are filed away for a rainy day.

While I appreciate the fact that the person is sending me duplicate releases and pressing hard for me to publish them, that he took the time to send me copies of his new material, I hope he understands what transpired in the past cost him his trust. It is no longer there. The bridges were burned. It will take time to rebuild that trust. These press releases may be the beginning of that new trust but, they are not the entire cure. Earning trust will take time but, it only took the artist a few weeks to destroy it. Was it worth it? Probably not. Do I carry the "news" or wait until it can be verified. Sadly, it must wait.

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