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Nu-Blu's Daniel Routh To Represent Worldwide Country Music Organization

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Daniel RouthDaniel Routh, a bluegrass music singer and musician from Siler City, NC, was recently appointed "Area Director" for the North Carolina region of the Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA).

Daniel founded the group "Nu-Blu in 2003 with future wife Carolyn, and since that time they have been named "Country Band of the Year" by the 2010 Carolina Music Awards, and nominated again in 2011 by both the Carolina Music Awards and the ICoMA Awards. They were also the first bluegrass band to launch a smart phone app.

Daniel began playing guitar at the age of 15. Banjo soon followed, which he played in the bands Different Directions and The Donna Hughes Band. It was while playing in Donna’s band that he and his wife Carolyn met. After a chance meeting in Wal-Mart, Daniel learned that Carolyn was in need of a bass player, so he agreed to learn bass to fill the spot. After Faithful Journey disbanded, and a short time playing together in a classic rock band, they attended a festival together and renewed their interest in bluegrass music.

Daniel Routh has a BA in History from UNCG. He is also the Owner and Head Engineer of Red Squared Audio. Daniel is also a graduate of the IBMA Leadership Bluegrass program.

The Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA) exists to promote indie Country singers and songwriters from across the globe. It is located at

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